Past Awardees - Fall 2010

For their scholastic achievement and volunteered service, the following AGS members are the Scholarship Recipients for Fall 2010

Awards can be picked up from the Student Bank using your Student ID. They are available for 6 months after the award has been issued.

Winners are announced at the end of the semester Banquet.

This semester's banquet will be on: Wednesday, December 31, 1969 05:00 PM

Congratulations to:

Outstanding Service Scholarship

  1. Logan Thomas
  2. Mona (Xinrui) Zhang
  3. Moazzam Saleem

Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Scholarship

  1. Briana Nakawatase
  2. Jaime Nakawatase
  3. Ken (Khin) Tang

Outstanding Community Volunteer Scholarship

  1. Winessa Nartia
  2. Janet (Li-Chen) Hsu

Jim Stafford Scholarship Award

  1. Marissa Sanchez-Velasco

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