Last Hour Opportunity and Deadline for Transcript Notation

For the Associated Students toy drive, the deadline for them will be THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10th at the OSA in CC105. They will be giving out 5 hours PER child (max hours: 10) Some items may range from $25 or more, but the feeling of giving! : ) For more information, please visit them at CC105. We will be in contact with them to assure you obtain your hours.


LASTLY, the last day for hours to count towards Fall 2015 and obtain transcript notation (please refer to the pinned post) will be on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10TH. Any event after this day will count towards Spring 2016.


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New Executive Board Members!

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend! This week ends our election for four of our positions: Activities Coordinator, Corresponding Secretary, Publicity Art Director, Assistant Technology Coordinator. We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who had applied for these positions and hope to still work with all of those that applied!

Nevertheless, we’re pleased to introduce these four newly Executive Board members of 2015-2016!!
Corresponding Secretary: Ellie Oliver
Publicity Arts Director: Imelda Rocha
Activities Coordinator: Vivian Quach
Assistant Technology Coordinator: Justin Ploysangngam

Congratulations to you all! : ) The current Executive Board is proud to work with you all with open arms. ♥



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Tournament of Roses Deadline Extended to OCTOBER 4, 2015.

Register here!

NOTE: if you have the physical application, please email it directly to our advisor, Vanessa Schulz, via email ( or to her mailbox in C321 at PCC. Thank you!

Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association, created by the efforts of Charles Frederick Holder and Francis F. Rowland, is the non-profit organization that has annually produced the New Year’s Day Rose Parade since 1890 and the Rose Bowl since 1902. “America’s New Year Celebration” is “a festival of flowers, music and equestrians and sports unequaled anywhere in the world”, according to the Tournament of Roses. The association has 935 volunteer members and the members spend some 80,000 combined man-power hours to stage the events.[1] The year 2015-16 marks the 127th Rose Parade and 102st Rose Bowl Game on January 1, 2016.


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Register for AGS!

Applications have been opened! For previous members who are still interested, you can renew your membership with the same username and password. For potential and interest members here!

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TWO executive board positions are open!

1. Corresponding Secretary
2. Activities Coordinator
All active members without prior AGS executive board experience are eligible to apply!! You can find the application here, along with further information on the duties and responsibilities of the executive board:

* The two executive board application deadline will be on Friday, September 25 to the AGS mailbox at the OSA (CC105) by 3 p.m.

Good luck to all applicants! : ) we hope to work with you in the future

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AGS Scholarship 2014-2015 Announcement

Hi All,

I’m happy to announce the Spring Semester Scholarship winners!

Outstanding Scholastic Achievement:
Hue Anh Truong
Madeline Sy
Minyoung Marilyn Kim

Outstanding Service Scholarship:
Riva Hirokawa
Priscilla Wong
Jenny Chuang

Outstanding Community Volunteer Scholarship:
Rachel Pagador
Iris Lin
Leonardo Joaquin Sandoval – Jim Stafford Award Recipient

Congratulations to all of our scholarship winners!

Vanessa Schulz
AGS Advisor

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Transcript Notation List(Draft)

Dear Alpha,

Please check your membership status for Spring 2015 here.
If there is an error regarding your pcc id, please send an email to immediately.

and also, the deadline for Missing Hours (Meeting + AGS + CS) is Tuesday, April 28 2015 by 2pm. (later than that may cause you to not getting transcript notation!)

Please fill the excel sheet below for your missing hours:

Spread the word!! Let your fellow ags member know! :)

Thank you so much,
Alpha Gamma Sigma Executive Board

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New Board members 2015-2016

Hey there, Alpha!

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend- full of studying, of course!
I am proud to say this weekend concluded our spring 2015 Elections! I would like to give special thanks to every candidate that participated!!

There is outstanding leadership emerging within our club, and I encourage all of our members to take advantage of the different leadership positions in our Society.
This includes, but not limited to: American Red Cross blood drive director, Be the Match bone marrow director, committee members, and associates to the cabinet/ board.
If you are interested in any of these mentioned positions, please post on our FB page! The NEW Executive Board will be excited to have support from fellow leaders in AGS; please don’t be afraid to speak up! Now is your time to shine & make a direct impact on our Society!!

At last, I am truly honored to introduce the 2015-2016 AGS Alpha Chapter Executive Board!!!! ((:

President: Pedro Chang
Internal Vice President: Terri Nguyen
External Vice President: Sammy Wu
Recording Secretary: Maria Rodarte
Corresponding Secretary: [vacant]
Treasurer: Moira Viola
Fundraising Coordinator: Amanda Awan
Marketing Director: Brandon Ma
Activities Coordinator: Karen Avelino
Publicity Art Director: Sandra Maw
Technology Coordinator: Joseph Hong
Assistant Technology Coordinator: Ashley Sere
ICC Representative: Jenny Chuang

Best Regards,
Marrisa Davis
AGS President 2014-2015

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Dave & Buster’s Fundraising event!

Dave & Buster’s Fundraising event!!
The social event on 4/24 is CANCELED because of the limited participants.

In order to collect more fundraising money, we extend the deadline to 4/30 and the max hour is **6.75** !!

It’s the last chance to get hours before the end of the semester!

We will have an AFTER-FINAL PARTY in D&B (a day within the week after final, 5/11 – 5/17) Feel free to COMMENT which days fit you the best …..though we are not able to give you hours for this social event but its an awesome chance to socialize with other members and relax after finals.

Let me know if you have any Q

Priscilla Wong
AGS Fundraising Coordinator

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AGS Election Day! April 23rd

Hi Alphas!

Come to Thursday Meeting this week: April 23rd 2015

Support and vote your favorite AGS Executive Board member candidate!

The Future of AGS is in your hand! :D

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