Want to Join a Committee?

Hey Alphas,

So we know that many of you have been curious about the various committees that we have in AGS.(Read more in AlphaBits!)

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  • Elijah Sage

    I am not officially a member of AGS yet, but I am very interested in joining a committee. I am a biology student and will start my major next semester. Also, despite studying human and animal bio (including AP and Honors courses) both in school and off campus, I have never been a part of a large biological research project, college or high school evolutionary or bio tech club, or any committee or organization where I could connect with professionals or degree biologists. I am largely seeking involvement with fellow bio majors and enthusiasts and involvement with biologic researchers, professionals and scientists.

    • Susan

      I’m a political science major who wants to transfer to Vanderbilt University. I don’t understand why it is mandatory for us PCC student to get P.E. credit.