March 2014



Hello Alphas! As most of you know every end of the semester there is a banquet! Well, this semester get ready for a trip. We’re inviting you all down the rabbit hole for some tea with the mad hatter! Expect to see bright colors and amazing treats at Alice in Wonderland: Tea Party in The Garden. The banquet committee hopes that you can all join us for the evening of May 3 in the crev. lounge. “We’re all mad here!!!” See you then!!

-Jessica Bruno, Banquet Director 

!Howard Wu!

 Why are you an AGS member ?
     I became an AGS member for the notation
and stayed for the camaraderie.
What have you gained from participation in AGS?
     Participation in AGS has given me the opportunity to socialize with fascinating persons from diverse backgrounds.
 How do you balance school and AGS?
     I do my homework and start on projects the day it is assigned, work graveyard shifts, and then there remains quite a bit of time for AGS-related activities. “If you’re sleeping over eight hours, you’ve already lost 1/3 of your day’s productivity, and then how is it possible to be productive?” -Wiseman. Go off 5-7 hours a weekday, and binge on 8 on weekends.
One thing you would like to share with fellow AGS members.
     Stress is stupid. And with that I say just don’t.
One thing you learned in the month of March.
     A dance…

! Vicki Vong !

 Why are you an AGS member?
I am an AGS member because I wanted to help out my community and I found out that AGS was not what I had expected from 1st semester. Everyone is so awesome and nice in this club especially the board members. WOOT!
What have you gained from participation in AGS?
What I have gained from AGS is getting out of my comfort zone and gaining a whole new family in life. It has opened a lot of doors for me.
How do you balance school and AGS?
I am able to balance school and AGS by not having a job and focusing on my education as my goal on getting into a 4 year university. I plan my time wisely and make the most out of my free time to help out in the community as much as I can before I can do no more of it.
One thing you would like to share with fellow AGS members.
I write with my left hand and I am a very talkative person.
One thing you learned in the month of March.
You should never judge a book by its cover. People are not what others make them to be until you meet them.Let’s make this anonymous, I like this one guy named John. My friends had told me that even though his first appearance is bad, once you get to talk to him more, he is a nice guy. That was totally B.S. He was a jerk when I went out with my friends, him and his friends to the movies. He called me boring and fake. Something I learned that day and for the rest of my life, have a good perspective on things in life.


1. What is OMD and its purpose?

OMD stands for Omicron Mu Delta, a Pasadena City College service society which was established in 1927. It aims to honor PCC students, faculty, and staff who demonstrate “beyond and above” volunteerism and leadership within and even beyond the community.

2. What is your position in OMD? & How long have you been a member of OMD?

I serve as External VP in OMD, and I have been a member since Spring 2013.

3. What is the purpose behind the OMD Carnival?

This carnival aimed to provide a platform for clubs and/or organizations at PCC regarding their fundraising and/or socializing purposes. Also, it was a great opportunity for PCC Lancers to get to know about OMD as well as its rich cultural heritage through such an OMD traditional event.

4. How many volunteers were needed for this event?

We had had 7 volunteers to form a carnival committee since Fall2013. At the event, we had about 10-12 volunteers.

5.What was the most difficult obstacle you faced in hosting the OMD Carnival?

Accidents happened on and off. It was good to stick with a plan; however, the committee needed to adapt to sudden changes and always had a “plan B.”

6. What is your best memory from this year’s carnival?

Participants gained a lot of fun and enjoyed the event.

7. What opportunities were available at the event for participants?

For volunteers, they were able to develop their interpersonal skills as well as leadership skills through operating their club/organization booths.For participating clubs/organizations, they could get a chance to win some cash prizes to benefit their own groups.For staff and faculty, they could interact with students outside of classrooms and offices.For OMD, it was a great opportunity for us to observe if there is any “beyond and above” candidates. More importantly, we could maintain an approachable image at PCC.   For others, they could support their club/organization booths and have fun.



! Norooz !

Norroz, sounded weird at first, well actually, it still sounds pretty weird to me now, but still. It’s suppose to be like Chinese New Year, but for another religion (duh). My task was to set up and carry a bucket where people throw things into like glass cup and just trash and napkins and left over food they don’t want to eat anymore. Which is pretty similar to the wine tasting event, but of course, that’s for another time to talk about. The interesting part was seeing the different culture many others celebrate on that I have never seen before, and talking to different people regarding that. However, there were people who treated us pretty rudely, just throwing things into the basket as if we literally were trashcans, which may be upsetting, but of course, gotta keep that smile up. It was longer than expected because we all thought it ended at 7, but it really didn’t end until later later on. The saddest part is I didn’t get to eat because for most of the time during the meal, I was the one holding the bucket of trash, and by the end of the food serving part, there weren’t much edible food left, but besides that it was an great experience to see another’s culture and how others celebrate their “new year”. – Jenny Chuang


! Ability First~Friday Night Social !

 I attended the March Ability First Friday Night Social for the first time. I did not know what to expect, and I also did not have any expectations. After arriving to the event, I learned that we were volunteering to support and be a part of such a heartwarming disabled community. Our role was not just to welcome people, but also to be a part of the event. We were able to watch the different shows that the centre had available. The shows consisted of magicians, comedians, and dancers. The people that we were able to meet and interact with were inspirational and friendly. I met a lot of new people, and I can’t wait to volunteer for their next social event! -Linda Nguyen



! Flea Market (March 2, 2014) !

Dalia Lizbeth Nava

            The March Flea Market was wonderful! It was located near parking lot 5 and it ran from 9am-1:00pm. The flea market happens every first Sunday of the month. There were 3 different shift times. I choose the 9:30-11:30am shift. AGS had a small booth in which we sold Starbucks coffee and Krispy Kreme doughnuts, all for just $1!

            Both the coffee and the doughnuts sold relatively quickly!

Despite having top brand doughnuts and coffee, we had competition! Just across from us was the PUENTE club, they were determined to sell all of their goodies before us. A little friendly competition made the flea market a lot more fun.

            This was my first event as an AGS member and I was worried I would not make any friends but everyone was just so nice and friendly, I had a great time! I was able to meet new people and          interact with people who come to the PCC Flea Market frequently. Prior to participating in this event I had no clue that a flea market was held at PCC. It was a wonderful experience and I really recommend volunteering with the AGS Flea Market Committee!

!  LoziLu Mud Run for Kiddos with Cancer – Los Angeles  !

By: Jenny Chuang

Mud run for cancer? Man who knew running in mud can solve cancer problems? Why wouldn’t you do it? Just kidding. But the overall experience was tiring and fun. I held the shift for pouring and handing out water, and trust me, although it sounds like the easiest job in the world, it is not. Because the thing is, there are constantly people running from different waves, and its not just one or two, its a few groups at once, and they would often grab 5 cups of water, 3 cups to rinse their eyeballs out of mud and the other two to drink or splash it onto their faces. So to remain amount of cups and water on the table for the next wave usually tend to be hard. Through the shift, I met another young fella, she was from Cal State Fullerton, although I forgot her name, she was working with her Greek Honor Society too for her school, and it was pretty interesting to how similar we have our events to all her events, because her group also volunteered at LA marathons as well! So the chances are we will probably see them again, so if next time you’re out volunteering a marathon, keep out for other groups and have a chance to talk to them! Because you will never know what interesting things you may find out and how common you guys really are! And not to mention, being able to go on those bouncy obstacles before the mud runners arrived was the best out of all! Definitely summed up my day!