Spring 2014: Start your hours early!

Hi everyone!

We hope you all had a nice and relaxing break!
For all of you who want to start your hours earlier before the semester gets busy,
Check these committees out:

1. Spring 2014 Blood Drive Committee
Blood Drive Committee, so far, has always recorded as the first committee to be filled up. Joining this committee will provide you with: valuable experiences working with American Red Cross to recruit people, fun meetings with fellow committee members, and ARC scholarships offered only for its outstanding committee members! To join the committee you need to go to myAGS website and register under the event directory.

2. Flea Market Committee
Help our Marketing Director, Jeffrey Hermosura, with our Flea Market events and raise some money for AGS scholarships! If you are busy with classes or work during the week, here is your opportunity to get hours from weekend event. It is held every first Sunday of the month at PCC. Our first Flea Market this semester will be held on February 2nd. Sooooo…. Register for the committee and for the event online under the AGS event directory!

If you want to join other committees, they will be opened as soon as possible also!
Here is the list of the usual committees that we have every semester:
- Community Service Committee
- Fun Committee
- Blast-a-scholar Committee
- Spring Banquet Committee
- Recording Committee
- Bylaw Committee
- Publicity Committee
- Newsletter Committee

Also, the AGS online registration for Spring 2014 is opened already.
For returning members, don’t forget to renew your membership status online at agspcc.org.

(and get all your classes of course!)