Member Recruitment Rewards Program

Hi Alpha’s!

AGS is implementing a Member Recruitment Rewards Program for all general members:

- You have to be an existing member to participate.
- For every student you get to sign up with us for the Spring 2014 semester you will earn 1/2 of an AGS hour, with a possible 2 hour maximum to receive.

We encourage you to recruit more than 4!! Our goal for this semester is to increase our membership to 500!!! The person with the highest recruitment number will win something fabulous so bring in those members until the application deadline, February 18th!

What are some ways to find these interested students, you ask? Club week! You get volunteer hours for being there at the booth, as well as talking to many potential people that will use your name when they apply! Or you can ask your professor if you can announce the open registration period to your class. We have flyers if you would like some.

- When your recruits are turning in the official AGS application, have them write on the front page “Referred by:” followed with your full name and ID number in RED INK.
- Those students applying for active or inactive membership qualify toward your recruitment
- You will receive the hours once the application period closes and we have their full application and payment on file.
- Only one existing member’s name allowed per new application. So good luck! & Happy hunting!

If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to contact Alexys Carter: via Facebook or email: