February Newsletter


BY: Jessica Bruno

This is Juan and I at The Abby’s in West Hollywood waiting to volunteer for Cupid’s Undie run. Being my first ever club event this was a really fun and great experience. Helping the event director’s be less stressed, and watching people run in their underwear (which was the funniest part), as set high standards for the next events. Not only was the event fun, but hanging and getting to know other club members was great. AGS is definitely a fun crowd. Can’t wait for whatever else is in store!!




By: Vicki Vong

This was my first volunteering event for AGS and honestly I was pretty excited to know that I would be able to volunteer and do some good for the community so early in the semester. When I went to the event, the gym was filled with beautiful pink decorations from the ceiling down. The theme came from the support for women’s breast cancers. I had trouble finding where AGS would be at so I was just wandering the area and I met up with one of the coaches. She was the head of the event and she was very nice but had a lot of things she needed to take care of. Since I didn’t know where AGS would be, she assigned me to help a relative of hers sell foods. The relative led me to the other side of the gym where it was near the view of the football field and told me the job I had to do. After getting the general idea of what I was assigned, I went back to the front of the gym and found some AGS members. I met Alexis, she was very nice to meet. She told me it was okay to volunteer with the girl. Being there for the entire shift was totally awesome since I had never been to a basketball game before so while I was working I got to take some breaks in between to watch the girls play basketball. I didn’t know who won but I had so much fun serving people beverages and food. Great first volunteering event for AGS. :) PS. I got a free tee shirt to match with the event.


Friday Night Rock Star Dance Party

By: Vicki Vong

I was surprised to find out that this event was so close to PCC. When I arrived, there were a lot of people moving around and I thought that I would be able to find some AGS member by the time I came but I was the first one to come. Then I met up with another member of AGS which I forgot his name, and he was the only other member that I meet for the night. At first I thought I got the worst placement ever to be assigned to be stationed at the Dancing Heads booth, but I was totally wrong. My station was like the most packed with people wanting to participate in it.

I couldn’t get a break from people coming in and asking me if they could do that. However I felt a whole lot better knowing that at least my station wasn’t like empty. I had fun meeting some of the kids there. One kid mistake me for someone he knew and hugged me. I was a little scared because it seemed that he really like the girl that I was mistaken for. He said that he got her a gift but she didn’t show up. Aww that was sweet but I didn’t know who the person he was looking for.

For the entire shifts, it was non-stop but nearing 9 pm it started drifting down. There were other stations too and it seem that they were packing up and cleaning the mess around the area. After my station was stable, I left to go explore the event. There were t-shirts being given away and soda drinks with poppin’ rocks in it. Pretty awesome stuff. :) Last but not least there was a dance floor for the people to enjoy in. I had a fantastic time volunteering for this event because I actually helped in the station and I meet some beautiful people.

February Flea Market

by: Rachel Pagador

   It’s been an awesome experience selling donuts and coffee at the flea market. Not only did we earn money to add to our scholarship fund, but we were also able to brighten people’s day and make new friends in the process.

    We all rose up bright and early to greet shoppers and offered them beverages and donuts (for a very cheap price!). It was a small amount to pay in exchange for good treats.

Wine Tasting

by: Alice Huang

It is my first time attending wine tasting event, and the reason for signing up is the curiosity of knowing how an American wine tasting event would look like. The event was held at the Alverno Hight School in Sierra Madre. The building is not big but has enough space for every guesses. Tables were lined up at sides of pathway with many different wine displayed on the tables. Company representatives passionatly introduced their wines, and guesses delightedly enjoyed the food, chatted with friends and tasted wines. As a volunteer, my job was to empty the little basket, where they dump wines, refill water pitchers and tableware, take out fulled trash bags, answer guesses’s questions and, most important, make guesses feel happy for coming to the event. The event lasted for about 4 hours, but I felt like it ended so fast that I wanted to keep enjoying the cordial atmosphere. During the event, I felt joyful helping others out and interacting with many different kinds of people. At the end of the event, volunteers could also keep wine tasting glasses as souvenir. I really appreciate that Alpha Gamma Sigma club gives me such great chance to involve in the event. Without joining the club, I would totally miss out such fun activity! Thank you AGS and volunteers! I know we did a good job :)

2 & 1/2 Men- TV Taping

by: Cindy Lucio 

“Men…” I was fortunate to be able to go to the Two and a Half Men TV Taping. It was extremely fun. We were a pretty large group to start off with which was very awesome to represent AGS with so many people. Inside, we sat in rows facing he set up for the show. There was five different sets for the show. We got to meet the cast and crew. We met Ashton Kutcher who plays Walden Schmidt, Conchata Ferrell who plays Berta, Jon Cryer who plays Alan Harper, Amber Tamblyn who plays Jenny and many more. For this show, they had a special guest, Mila Kunis. I thought it was clever to get Mila Kunis as a special guest since Mila and Ashton are engaged in reality. I don’t want to give any spoilers. It was so funny to see them all acting together. It’s one thing to seeing them on television, but another seeing them in person. The set was filled with lights. It was also amazing to see the camera crew taking shots from multiple angles. It’s awesome to see it all come together.I found it fascinating how the cast get into their zone and create such a funny show. In between breaks, a host would try and keep the audience. If we are sitting there for about 5 hours to create this show, it does require a lot of energy. The host was doing a great job in keeping the crowd entertained. He would make the audience go up to dance and show their talents. It was definitely worth the time to go. It was a great experience indeed. I would totally do it again.

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Jenny Chuang

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1. How has AGS helped you become a more rounded person?Ags helped me meet so many people in Pcc that I would never have met anywhere else, and in addition, it was because of Ags that lead me to different kinda of experiences and volunteering opportunities that I would never forget.
2. What opportunities has AGS given you to develop your leadership.
Ags have given me a lot of different kind of opportunities that it’s hard to list. It is because of Ags that allowed me to go through experiences I never would in 100 years. From asking people to donate blood all the way to aiding other communities in events, now instead of just listing my experiences on my resume, I get to talk about them too during interview!

3. What is one thing you wish AGS members would do more of?

I wish that more Ags members would be active, I remember during recruitment week of club week, I would often ask people to join, explaining the different kinda of activities and such. Many tell me they don’t have the time however there was a guy who told me he was in AGS last semester and thought the club overall was boring because all you do is needing to get service hours. Hearing that crushed me, because it means that they didn’t get the experiences I got when volunteering, meeting others and connecting. I mean were not just a volunteering club but a social club where individuals get to meet people, although I tried to explain and convience him to come back he insisted on the opposite. And to me, if one person felt that way, somewhere along the way, maybe there are more who felt like that, and maybe, just maybe if they’re more active they’d see it differently.

4. What is one thing your learned in the month of February? ( does not have to be AGS related)

The one thing I learned in Ags in the month of February is that choosing to take 20 units is not a good idea, especially when they all give you test on the same week and you can’t really memorize all the material from all 6 classes.

Manraj Sahi

AGS has helped me become a more well rounded person by attending many various events such as Ability First to the LA Marathon in order to meet new people. I think AGS’s competitive identity in regards to academics as well as being involved in the community helped me grow as a person. Through all these events and meeting others I have developed more leadership skills than I ever thought I could attain from helping me learn on how to organize things better and to become a more patient person. Being in the Rose Parade last Fall was the best time for me to grow as a person and meet other people and I am just really glad AGS had an event like this to help me network and get to know my fellow members even more. I really wish more AGS members would try and attend these events rather than sit back and do the bare minimum to get the notation. The one thing I learned in the month of February is that AGS will always be a second family to me and that I know I can come back in the future one day and see all of you as friends and family together. AGS will always hold a special place in my heart as it gave me a second chance at life as well as helping me find my identity/character along the way. I will always be eternally grateful for my time in AGS.