Earn hours and prizes all at once with Blast-a-Scholar and Fun Committee!

Hello Alphas!

Fun and Blast-A-Scholar committees are a fun opportunity for you all to get some of your hours done, possibly earn prizes, and have fun all at the same time! Being a part of these committees also increases your chances of being accepted to Spring Convention! To sign up for either of these committees, please talk to our Internal Vice President, Alexys Carter during either our planning or general meetings.


The Blast-A-Scholar event will be held on March 20th. Prior to this event, all AGS members have the opportunity to sell raffle tickets on campus. Further details can be found on the left. Members are also needed to help set up and help plan the event for March 20th.

Another possible opportunity for students to earn hours is to help sell City Menu Cards. These cards are discount cards which offer 10-15% discounts at many restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley area. There are many companies partnered with City Menu including Subways, Dennys, Fluff Ice, and many more. For a full list of participating companies, please visit www.TheCityMenu.com/SGV. These cards also offer another way to earn hours and can be sold for a price of $20 to earn 1 AGS hour per card sold.

Once again, please talk to our Internal Vice President Alexys Carter in order to participate in any of these activities.