Newsletter~ April 2014

!April Flea Market!
By: Stephanie Sy
The April Flea Market was a lot of fun. It was my first flea market experience, ever! We were selling the delectable and irresistible Krispy Kreme donuts and Starbucks coffee for a dollar each. There were a lot of us, and we each ran different errands such as going to get more ice, coffee from Starbucks, and/or water. It was a lot of fun because there was a booth directly across from us that was selling snowcones, chips, and other foods. We chanted right after another; it was almost like a friendly competition. It was so cool because their chant rhymed, and they had an incredible voice that demands your attention. Also, many of the customers were friendly and fun. Who wouldn’t want coffee and/or donuts in the afternoon? All in all, it was a great experience, and AGS members should definitely give it a go at least once.
! Beach Social- With Zeta Chapter !
By: Anonymous Member
 Splash. –My car purred and crouched back on its hind tires as it realized parking was a whopping $20, or maybe I had accidentally shot the stick to neutral. The sunlight half-heartedly rode the wind onto my skin as I stepped onto the sands of Huntington Beach.The day unfolded thusly: Oval-shaped balls were thrown lopsidedly through the sky, as bodies flailed about each other, in what we can assume was an attempt at the game of American Football. Of course, equally haphazard behavior was exhibited on the volleyball courts, as men and women threw their arms aimlessly at an evil white ball that was determined to go anywhere, but over the net. Finally, the same risible behavior could be said of the argonauts that braved the icy waters and looted naught but chattering teeth and salted gums.But it was neither the activity nor the execution of the activity that provided camaraderie to those of Alpha and Zeta, but instead the persons who participated in those activities. After all, the water balloons originated from friendly, and at times malicious fingertips. Introductions, nods, hand-shakes, high-fives, low-fives, fist-bumps, jumping-butt-thuds, open-palmed-slaps, lifted-eye brows, grins, and hugs defined the atmosphere and deafened any thought of the day being only another grain of sand in the vial of endless days we at times suffer through.I hope this helped you imagine yourself on a beach among friends. The sand shifted unnoticeably under your blackened feet. Ocean winds greeted you with wooshes or wooes. Waves clapped to your heartbeat. And the gentlest touch of the retiring sun tickled your face. Then you’re pelted in the back by a water balloon that feels like a paintball and burns like heartbreak. After all, it’s AGS.
!Drag Show Event !
By: Linh Tchang
So I attended a drag show for the first time ever in my life. It was entertaining and very new to me because I’ve never been exposed to these kind of events. Although drag shows can make some people feel uncomfortable, I think it’s one of those events that people should go to at least once in their life. After attending the event, I was able to gain a better understanding of people who have different sexual orientation. People at the event are very supportive of each other. One of the benefits that I noticed about the drag show, in regards to people who are LGBT, is that it makes them feel less of a minority.
By: Chia Hao Tat
The event I got to experience was the PCC Drag Show. I didn’t know too much about it when I made the decision to go but luckily for me, it was a fun little event. I think most people are weirded out when they imagine a drag show but I think we all need to look past that. I got to see the support people had for each other and that’s not something I witness every day. There’s a first time for everything and I’m glad that this was one for me.
!Be The Match!
By: Nilay Chokshi
Being at the Be The Match Kiosk was pretty chill. Not many people came to sign up so me and another volunteer started attracting people in. Even with that many did not want to do it. But overall it helps you step out of your comfort zone when you start trying to attract people in. The idea of donating bone marrow makes me extremely weak.
! Kidspace Egg Hunt !
By: Maria Rodarte
The Kidspace Egg Hunt on April 19, 2014 was an Easter themed event where children could go participate in fun activities including, making bunny hats, riding bicycles, weaving baskets, and of course the egg hunt. The event was open to children ages ranging from 1 year old to 11. The job for us volunteers was to help hide Easter eggs in the garden, cut construction paper for the art activities, and share our positive spirit with others.
Pros of the event
-Hiding the eggs in unique places
-Seeing the beautiful garden and waterfall
-Creating a fun experience for young kids
-There was more than one round for the egg hunts.
-Each egg hunt was for children of certain ages. (One for little kids, another for the older kids)
Cons of the event
-The eggs ran out quickly, and some guests got upset
-It was hot, and we were on our feet for a long time
-Our break times were disorganized. We were on our own most of the time.
!TV Taping !
!Sullivan & Son!
By: Lyndon T. Chang

T0 start, this was my first taping ever. I honestly didn’t know what to expect so I kinda just went with the flow. As a student without his own car, I was glad that AGS was able to provide a carpool for students other than me who wanted to attend the event. We met upon at campus and there wasn’t any difficulty in arranging carpools. The actual wait at the studio (Warner Brothers) took quite a while and not to mention the two rounds of metal detector scans. I guess since I never watched or heard of Sullivan & Son, I couldn’t expect much in terms of a response. Unfortunately, the overall experience was somewhat disappointing. In spite of the fact that the whole taping so long to finish a single episode, it all felt somewhat stagnant. But, hey, this was a learning experience, so take my word with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, I thank AGS for the organization of the event and of course, the opportunity.
By: Nilay Chokshi
This was by far the best TV taping I’ve been to considering I’ve only been to two. I forgot about this show until going to the taping. I forgot how big this show actually is on TBS. Seeing actors I’ve seen before got me really excited even though I didn’t know their names.. This taping was honestly really funny. I thought it would be cheesy at first but as time passed I had a lot of laughs. Once again I met some new people that added to my experience from this event.
By: Adriana Santos
This was a very enjoyable event. Here is my opinion.
The  taping of the show was entertaining.
The actors were amazing and funny.
The storyline was simple, but very funny and interesting.
The studio was 5 minutes away from my house, and there was free parking.
After this taping I became a fan of this show and the actors.
There was a lot of waiting, and the room was chilly.
This studio didn’t feed you enough, I been other studios that they actually feed you. This one just gave you half of a sandwich.
The host was funny, but a little cruel. I didn’t like he made fun of people of in the audience on the spot.
 People from AGS arrived 30-45 minutes later than I arrived.  The directions stated to be there at 4:00pm. I got there at 4:00pm, people didn’t arrive until later. I think this looked bad for the organization.
I would like to receive the AGS hour credit for this blurb.
!One Big Happy!
By: Lyndon T. Chang
Regrettably, I did not attend this TV taping despite having signed up for it because of the last minute cancellation by the studio. I was actually looking forward to another TV taping in hopes that maybe there would be a drastically different experience, for better or worse. I was glad that the person in charge of the vent (Queyen) was able to notify us ahead of time and gave us the option of attending the next TV Taping which would’ve been on Wednesday instead of Saturday. The reason why I chose to attend this event was because it was on a Sunday. For many of those who have part-time jobs, I’m pretty sure they share similar sentiments. In the general sense, I am impressed by the ability of AGS to effectively schedule TV taping events for students to attend to and giving the opportunity for us to meet new people.
! More Time with Family TV Taping !
By: Nilay Chokshi
This was my first TV taping ever. It was extremely fun as I got to see many new actors along with actors I already knew in this pilot show. I knew two people that were already in the cast such as Malcolm Warner from Community and Larry Campbell from According to Jim. I got really excited when I saw Malcolm Warner because he works with Donald Glover and Danny Pudi. Overall the experience was fun and I met many new people.
! Los Angeles Times Festival of Books !
By: Herlina Meryanti
I was a volunteer at the LA Times Festival of Books on Saturday, April 12th, 2014.  I signed up for the 11:30am – 3:30pm shift. Upon signing in at registration, I received my orange Festival Volunteer T-shirt and a complimentary bottle of water plus a box of lunch to eat before I started my shift. I was assigned to be one of the Conversation Room Ushers. My duties and responsibilities include assisting the Area Captain / Manager to greet and direct the guests into auditorium for each Author Conversation session. This job was pretty easy and straightforward. All together I stood in for 3 sessions over the 3 hour shift. All of the guests were nice and friendly. They would smile and greet you back on the way in and out of the auditorium. I thought it was interesting to hear what each author had to say a little about his / her new book and what insights and advice they offered to the audience. 3 hours went by really quickly! I was surprised about the lunch box that they provided us. Inside the box contained a big delicious turkey sandwich, a sweet apple and a huge round chocolate cookie! I thought the organizer did a really great job taking care of us volunteer too! There were tons of people at this festival and I thought everybody had a fun and enjoyable time.
! Los Angeles Times Festival of Books!
By: Nilay Chokshi
The Festival of Books was extremely fun! The kiosk we were assigned to had a huge dry-erase crossword puzzle and we had to attract people to come and solve the crossword puzzle. I thought it was nerve wracking at first but you get used to it. Some people even took markers straight out my hand and solved the entire puzzle without any help. The only setback for the participants was not having a prize but I volunteered to give a hug to anyone that wanted one after solving the puzzle. A hefty lunch was provided and overall the experience was great. I didn’t get to go to the volunteer orientation beforehand to explore USC but it is a must for people that sign up next year.
By: Diana Ayrapetyan
Volunteering at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books was an incredible experience. Before the actual day of the event, my friend and I attended a orientation where we went over what we would expect on the day of the event. We got a tour of the beautiful USC campus along with paper maps. On the day of the festival, we went to check in where we got to choose our shift and get a volunteer shirt, name tag, and a meal ticket. Our lunch was neatly packed in a box. USC really knows how to treat its volunteers. My friend and I decided to help out with the Young Adult stage where we heard a panel of new authors and their awesome new books. There was a girl who was fifteen with a published book and hearing her story brought back the inspiration for me to start writing again. Our shift ended a bit early so we decided to go look around. There was so much going on yet it was very organized. I didn’t get to go to all of the booths unfortunately but I was really happy to see an Armenian booth with books and little souvenirs. I bought a memoir along with two keychains. I would love to volunteer at the LA Times Festival of Books again next year and I’d encourage everyone to do the same. It’s the perfect way to spend a weekend with family and friends. :)