Newsletter-September 2013

Executive Board 2013-2014

Pasadena City College’s Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society began the fall semester with multiple Executive Board positions vacant. Through a rapid application process, AGS would like to welcome the following members to the Executive Board. Alexys Carter- Internal Vice President; Jeffery Hermosura- Marketing Director; Michael Monarrez- Activities Coordinator; and Quyen Ho- Fundraising Coordinator.

CLUB WEEK: Fall 2013 

This fall’s club week was held September 3-6, 2013. AGS was amongst the college’s finest clubs in order to showcase what our club has to offer to interested students. AGS had an amazing turnout, there was close to 300 signups!

Orientation: Fall 2013

Orientation was held on: Tuesday- September 12,2013 at 12:00pm. AGS met in the UUForum on PCC’s campus. Around 220 new and ongoing members attended orientation. President, Maryam Zomorod quickly introduced the current Executive Board, new ideas for the upcoming semester, and answered members’ questions. The Board briefly introduced the several committees, encouraging all members to take advantage of the opportunity to be more involved in AGS. For the many members that attended the meeting, AGS provided an opportunity to sign up for committees, buy AGS wear, and to enjoy delicious pizza! 

First Planning Meeting 

Tuesday- September 17, 2013 was AGS’s first planning meeting, in room C421. The turnout was larger than anticipated!! Scholars that attended our first planning meeting had a chance to witness the new executive Board discussing the upcoming events of the semester & got a chance to be the first to sign up for AGS’s first fall event with Ability First. Minutes for this meeting can be found on, for all members that were not able to attend.

First General Meeting

Thursday- September 19,2013 marked the first General meeting of Fall 2013! All Board Members introduced themselves to attending members, and quickly stated what they are looking forward to in the semester. Marissa Davis, AGS’s corresponding secretary, introduced Newsletter Committee in hope to reach out to all members interested in being a part of the award winning newsletter. Tournament of Roses had a representative present to describe the intern opportunity for all members; interviews were completed the following week. For all members that signed up: keep an eye out for an email stating what TOR Committee you will be a part of. Have fun, and stay warm!


Are you a new member? Do you wish to be more involved in AGS? Do you want a chance to go to AGS’s Spring Convention? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are the type of member AGS’s committees are looking for! If you want to be directly involved in AGS to make a positive internal impact, look into the multiple committees AGS invites members to take part in. Committees are a fun way to get to know fellow members and to assist your executive board!  Visit: and sign up for the committee that interest you the most! The first committee meeting will be held during the planning meeting on October 8, 2013 at 12:00pm in C421. Hope to see you there; we need YOUR brain power!


To kick-start the semester, AGS invited all members to a Dance Event- held by Ability First. Although it was short notice, 15 members attended the event. The second event of September was a T.V. Taping of Sean Saves the World. A total of 6 AGS members attended. Richard Ullirich was the lucky member who won the raffled Starbucks gift card! Events are a great way to meet, interact, and bond with fellow members while having fun for a good cause!