Blast A Scholar Ticket Process

Hey Alpha members!


I just wanted to send an email clarifying the Blast-A-Scholar ticket process. Each envelope contains 10 ticket sets and a number on the upper right hand corner. So we can keep track of your sales, please write your First and Last name on the envelope next to the number along with the last 8 digits of your PCC ID number.  On each ticket set there are 2 stubs; one that reads “TICKET” with the 6 digit ticket number, and one that reads “KEEP THIS COUPON”. As you sell them, have the buyer fill out the back of the “TICKET” stub with their full name and phone number so we can contact them if they win a prize from the raffle. They must fill those two sections out, but we don’t need their address. You then keep the ticket with their name and contact info and the buyer keeps the other stub, so we can confirm they have the winning number later.

I will be at all Tuesday and Thursday meetings, so you can hand me the envelope with the 10 tickets and $10 during that time. The last day to turn in your envelope is before 1pm on Thursday, November 14, during Blast-A-Scholar. Failure to turn in your tickets before this time will result in a one hour deduction from your AGS hours.

Like I said at the meeting this past Thursday, even though this is mandatory don’t think of it as a chore (: These are easy to sell and the money goes into scholarships for you guys! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


Alexys Carter

Internal Vice President, Alpha Chapter­­­­­­

Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society


TOP PART          :Turn in with buyer’s info                                                                              BOTTOM PART :Buyer keeps this part