November Newsletter

~~Blast-a-Scholar Success!~~

By: Cindy Lucio

So who participated in Blast-a-Scholar on Thursday? From what we remember, it was a great crowd! On Thursday, November 21, 2013, AGS had their annual event of the semester, Blast-a-Scholar. Many people crowded the front of the CC Building and pied a professor, our very own president, our lovely internal vice president, and an AGS member. We asked one of our members of ‘Fun committee’, Maria Rodarte, what was her favorite part and she said: “I guess helping out was because I got to meet other AGS members and help lure people to buy a pie.” Many people seemed excited to buy a pie. And that’s not all, we can’t forget our raffle! The raffle bowl was almost completely full with tickets. Congratulations to all our winners! If you weren’t able to participate in Blast-a-Scholar this year, there is always next year. Make sure to bring your cash for tickets and pies, and most importantly, bring yourself to experience the fun!


By: Jason Le

AGS volunteer group, consisted of 9 members, arrived at a small residential area in Santa Monica at around 10 AM, half an hour before the appointed time as advised by our event coordinator. Upon our arrival, no one had uttered a single word of complaint. We were all too consumed by the miraculous view of nature right before our eyes and engulfed by the fresh sea breeze surging uphill where we were standing.

Here, we were responsible for helping an organization called Heal One World with their wellness event. Heal One World is an organization dedicated to promoting the public’s health and general wellbeing through natural non-invasive methods such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, etc. AGS volunteers were assigned to help out with set-ups and cleanups for the outdoor yoga session, the indoor tai chi session, the screening of two animal rights movies and the delicious vegan meal prepare by Skye Kelly, the Executive Director of Heal One World. We started at 10.30 AM and stayed until 5.30 PM. Although it may sound like a lot of work, every member was encouraged to participate in all of these events (including the super wonderful meal!). Hence, besides from the little amount of work that we actually had to do, AGS members pretty much earned the same privileges as the guests who were invited to the event. This is definitely one of the most relaxing and enjoyable event AGS had offered during this semester.