Sam Thurman

Despite the blistering cold of the dark, beachside morning, we were happy to get right to work.  We met up with a few students from UC Irvine—some real characters—who filled us in on our tasks for the day: set up, supply runners with water and accelerants, and then pack up and go home.

We were at the 20.5 mile marker, and while some of the runners didn’t appear to have been even breaking a sweat, some of them looked like they were about ready to keel over and die in their own vomit.  Most of them though, were delighted to see us there.  That may have changed slightly when we ran out of accelerants, but all in all the day was a success.

Under the supervision of Alexys and Maryam, our booth was a success.  Personally, I thought it looked great, and hope the judges thought so too.  As of yet, I have heard nothing of who won, but fingers crossed.

But the day is all about the runners, and it felt great to be able to help them accomplish their goals even if it’s something as simple as some encouraging words, a smile, and of course, water.  Thanks to all those members who volunteered to be a part of it, and I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Men at Work

Sam Thurman

Racing around the sizable premises of Sony Studios to find our correct entrance, parking, and meeting location on time, we did our best to encourage the UCLA students who were attempting to do the same on foot.  Once settled in, we were thoroughly entertained by a comedic speaker who continued to do keep us laughing between takes.

The episode itself was quite funny, and the crowd did an excellent job at laughing at the same scene, in some instances, several times over.  The cast also did an excellent job at spicing up the scenes when they had to do multiple takes, which also served to keep the laughs going.  And for those of you that have never experienced a sitcom T.V. taping before, that is virtually the whole point of being there—the laughter of the audience.

We received an added bonus of being able to speak to—and in some cases, hug—main members of the cast, and pick their brains from anything to relationships to acting tips.  I highly recommend going to a T.V. taping at least once, as it is an easy and enjoyable way to earn those hours, and meet new, fun people.

‘Til next time, Alphas!

November Flea Market

Tianxiao Guo

 On November 3, 2013, PCC’s monthly flea market started in the early morning. Unlike the October Flea Market, the first Sunday of November was cold and windy. Despite of the freezing weather, a few AGS members arrived at school as early as 6:30am to help set up the tent at the entrance of Parking Lot 5. Wearing AGS shirts, committee members and other AGS members helped selling out Krispy&Kreme donuts and hot coffee from Starbucks. Different from last year, this year AGS members were not allowed to walk around and ask people to buy something. But members tried their best promoting the food and drinks by greeting guests warm-heartedly, loud yet courteously. By doing this, not only did we found raise for the club, but we also introduce AGS Honors Society to people outside of PCC.

 Members can earn extra hours by bringing packs of 20 oz bottled water or packs of 12-can Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew. Other brands cannot be accepted because it was always Pepsi Corporation that sponsored PCC.

 For all those who helped at Flea Market Committee, we were fortunate enough to get one donut per person provided by Jeffrey out of his own pocket.

 Flea Market Committee is a highly team-oriented committee where every member plays an active role by fulfilling their own assignment. The tasks are assigned evenly and each one takes turn. Members are not just being there fulfilling their hours but they also make friends with one another, develop deeper and longer relationships and devote themselves to the bigger community. Flea Market Committee is indeed an important role in publicity of promoting AGS spirit to the public outside of PCC.


Jason Le

1. How has AGS helped you? (ie leadership skills, gaining new perspectives, connecting with PCC community)

   - AGS has offered a wonderful opportunity for me to get involved with the community. I was able to experience a communal spirit that I rarely had the chance to during my time here in the US (just a little over one year). Through the various volunteer opportunities, I was able to gain a better understanding of the place that I’m living in by seeing the kind of activities that are happening as well as meeting many wonderful people, which was extremely delighting. Without joining AGS, I would have never known about exciting events such as CicLAvia or charitable organizations like AbilityFirst. Hence, I am very thankful for the opportunities that AGS has created for me and other members.

2. What have you learned about yourself since you have joined AGS?

  - During my time with AGS, I learned that I am able to cope with responsibilities that I have never had before, juggling between school work and volunteer work, and most significantly, handling household responsibilities all by myself. These achievements ignite a sense of confidence in myself and encourage me to take on more demanding challenges in the future.

3. What is your favorite committee on AGS?

  - Blood Committee.

4. Do you enjoy a particular activity that AGS provides the best?

  - I really enjoyed the Heal One World volunteering activity. It was extremely relaxing with activities such as yoga and tai chi. Being able to interact with the guests allowed me to open my eyes to more alarming issues that we are facing. One of which is the battle against the declawing of felines as it is an act of animal cruelty.

5. Since we’re taking finals soon, what do you do to relieve your stress when you feel overwhelmed?

  - I try to maintain my activities outside of class and study periods, such as doing volunteer work or hanging out with friends. I also spend some time for myself. During these times, I usually read manga, listen to music or meditate, so that I don’t get too overwhelmed by the pressures of finals week.

Rachel Pagador


1. How has AGS helped you? (ie leadership skills, gaining new perspectives, connecting with PCC community)

-AGS has especially helped me in building and strengthening networks and connections. I’ve gained a lot of friends in the PCC community that I may not have met if it weren’t for AGS. I’ve gotten to know most of my closest friends through different events in AGS. Also, the community service and leadership opportunities offered in AGS are endless; you can easily find an event that fits to your schedule and interests. By joining community service and social events, not only did I gain friends, but memorable experiences as well.

2. What have you learned about yourself since you have joined AGS?

-I’ve learned that I’m really good at remembering people’s names and faces. With the plethora of members in the AGS community, it wasn’t as hard as I thought to get to know the people in it. Plus, my social skills came in really handy especially because I’m in the recording committee, welcoming members during the general meetings.

3. What is your favorite committee on AGS?

-My favorite committee would be the committee that I’m currently in – Recording Committee. I’m usually assigned with giving tickets and I always enjoy greeting fellow members when they come during the meetings. Also, the members in our committee are so welcoming and friendly.

4. Do you enjoy a particular activity that AGS provides the best?

-I like the events that are held at the Ability First center. It’s always nice to get to know the people there. Even with disabilities, they are always happy and content with everything and everyone around them. Their stories are fascinating and they are testaments to the resilience of the human spirit and they truly embody the real form of happiness.

5. Since we’re taking finals soon, what do you do to relieve your stress when you feel overwhelmed?

-I always allow myself to relax and unwind – Iike treating myself to some ice cream or frozen yogurt with friends. Just before I get myself ready for the study grind, I spend time with friends because they help me go through the upcoming hardships. Once I get to relax, I’m ready to do some hard core studying. And even in between study hours, it’s best to take short breaks to avoid overloading your brain.