Deadlines and Events Reminder!

Hi Fellow AGS members,
Here is a reminder for some upcoming deadlines and events:
1. Canned Food Drive 
We have asked AGS members to prepare a Holiday Gift Basket, they are intended to provide basic food assistance during the holiday time. We will be rewarding 5 CS hours upon completion. We ask that you bring your basket to our general meeting in the UUFORUM by the deadline which is Nov 14th. Please click the link to find the Item list and make sure each item that is listed is included in your basket. Failure to complete the item list will result in no credit.
2. Shoebox Gift Drive 
This November , we have an incredible opportunity and I hope you will be part of it. AGS has partnered up with Samaritans Purse “operation Christmas Child.” This is an opportunity for you to handout a shoebox to children in slums, orphanages, hospitals, ect. We will be giving 5 CS hours for those who participate. It will be due by Nov 21st, the day of Blast A Scholar. We will be having a table at Blast A Scholar for you to turn in your shoebox!!
Follow the link below to get further directions on how to complete a shoebox.
1. Scholarship Applications are due on November 14th
2. Permanent Applications are due on November 14th
    Go to to find the application!
3. Blast A Scholar TICKETS are due on November 21st