Hi there! Here is a short, yet notable letter from our lovely Internal Vice President, Alexys Carter:

Reminder to all members:
AGS honor society will be hosting its annual “Blast-A-Scholar” event this Thursday in front of the CC and L building from 12 to 1 pm!! We are requesting that all Alpha’s turn in their blast tickets for one AGS hour by 12 pm, not 1pm anymore, at our table. We will be conducting the raffle during the event so all tickets that want a chance for the prizes need to be turned in by noon. Failure to turn in the envelope of tickets will result in a one hour deduction. We are implementing this policy to be sure that Blast experiences a strong growth in raising money for scholarships. The more envelopes turned in, the more scholarship money!

If you have a professor you would like to see get pied it is still not too late to ask them to come to our event anytime from 12 to 1! Just have them email me at if they would like to volunteer themselves. If you would like to pie the adviser of AGS, the AGS president, or anyone else on executive board, be sure to bring a dollar (or two or three or ten $$)  :D   Starbucks and candy apples will be sold there, too!

See you out there! Meeting credit will be given out to those who attend, but you know you want to come by and support AGS anyway (:

P.S. Who hates me for making you sell these tickets so much that you wish you could just throw something at me? Well your wish has been answered this week. I’ll be there to be pied! First person to pie me right in the face will win a lovely Starbucks gift card.

Alexys Carter
AGS Internal Vice President


EXCITED??? You better be! Cause we are ^^ COME AND PIE the professor or the people you like (or maybe hate) and have fun watching all of us get beaten up by pies :) We hope to see you guys on the event day!

PS. Don’t forget there will be no General Meeting on Thursday. You can get the meeting credit by joining us at the Blast-a-Scholar event, which will be on the Quad, in front of CC and L buildings :)