Run or Dye

By Michelle Lee

The Run or Dye 5K was my token workout for the semester! Run or Dye is a marathon event that seeks to make running fun as well as raise money for charity. They are not associated with any one charity, but rather, they seek to give to charities local to where the races are held. Not only do they work towards supporting charity, their goal is also to make running fun.  Fun = throwing colors at runners!

Run or Dye was such a high demand event—for runners and volunteer opportunities. Many of our AGS members were wiling to volunteer but were turned away because Run or Dye was already fully stocked with volunteers. So if you cannot work for them, run with them! Whether you run or volunteer, you are helping to support a good cause—charity and running for health and fun.

As an employed full-time student with extra curricular activities (such as being AGS Prez), I have so little time to run for fun. At Run or Dye at the Coliseum, I had the chance to run about 3 miles with my two AGS Publicity Directors, Kevin Chai and Alexys Carter. Together, we ran amidst a mass of people through blasts of color. Along the 3-mile route, volunteers stationed themselves at various points to throw puffs of colored powder at the runners.  Among the volunteers, there were some of our own AGS Alpha Chapter members! At the green dye station, we also ran into other clubs from Pasadena City College who were also volunteering.

By the end of the 5k, Kevin, Alexys, and I were blasted with blue, green, orange, and yellow powder—and yet, our AGS volunteers were covered with more color than we were!