Member of the Month: Elena Vazquez


1. List three words that your friends have used to describe you.
“Intelligent, funny, caring”

2. What last made you laugh?
“All my friends cheering me up while I was having a bad day.”

3. What made you want to become a member of AGS?
“I wanted to give back to the community and AGS allowed me to do so, as well as meet more people and be better connected with other colleges.

4. What has been your most memorable of experience in AGS thus far?
“I enjoy all the events AGS has, but I really like volunteering at the flea market. I meet many members by attending this event. Another thing that I really like about the club is that the members are like family, and they will be there to support you whenever you need help.”

5. In what ways has AGS benefited you?
“AGS has allowed me to get be involved in school and provided volunteering opportunities within the community. The club also provided me with information about things that were happening around school which, otherwise, I would have probably heard of way too late.”

6. Describe AGS in one word. Briefly explain.
“Success. I believe AGS prepares and provides us with information that will take us all to our next step, which will lead us to achieve our goals and succeed in life. “