Blast-a-Scholar of Spring 2013

By Shannon Wu

As a member of AGS for three semesters, I have always wondered why and how the idea of throwing pie at people’s faces would help contribute to our club’s scholarship funding. I guess it is because the only definition I have been exposed to of fundraising is receiving those brochures filled with different kinds of overpriced treats and having to sell something in order to receive useless prizes. I’m glad our club has resorted to something else. However, I would not have thought of the idea of pie-ing fellow members and professors of our school.

Having the event called Blast-A-Scholar once a semester could certainly leave people anticipating for the chance to pie someone, but the event landing on Pi Day, March 14, for this semester was surely not expected. The reason for pie-ing someone may be for revenge, to vent anger, just for the heck of it, or, the best-case scenario: help our club fundraise for scholarships. Personally, my reason would be both for the heck of it and help fundraise for our club.

As I watched the event proceed, I could kind of understand why this method of fundraising was chosen instead of the unconventional method of selling chocolates. People gathered around the event despite the heat, and what I understood was that people were having fun while gladly spending money pie-ing people. Of course, the MC did create hype for people to take a risk, but for the most part, I believe people, fellow AGS members or otherwise, were enjoying the sight of seeing someone getting pied. It was like this event was an opportunity for people to let go of their worries just for a moment and have fun.

In the end, I have found the answers to my inquiries. How the idea came about was probably because our club was looking for a way people can have fun all while fundraising. Having a good time while raising money for scholarships would be the purpose of this event, and I think it is okay for the board and members of our club to enjoy themselves more and not worry too much about the turnout of the event. After all, we’re just college students.