Alphas Do the LA Big 5K

By Juan Palma

It was on a dark, cold, and foggy morning that we decided to wake up at two in the morning to have a healthy and balanced breakfast before heading out to do volunteer work at the L.A. Big 5K. It was the perfect opportunity to hang out and get to know each other better. We made our way to our first destination where we indulged in a delicious breakfast. Eggs, orange juice, and warm milk; it was the perfect combination. Although most of us had not slept at all the night before, we were on a roll to do a great job.

After our great breakfast, it was time to head to Dodger Stadium, where the marathon was to take place. Due to the bright stadium lights, a beautiful sight of glowing fog welcomed our arrival at Dodger stadium. We were all excited to be there. Our energy could be felt, and it was for that reason that we were given the much important task of providing the runners with water, and to cheer them on as well.

We were transported to our water station, which was to be set up at the halfway point, roughly 1.5 miles into the race. The ride to our water station was memorable. We were placed inside the back of a trailer truck, and once the door was shut, we found ourselves in complete darkness. What could have been a scary and troubling situation became a bright, blinding photo shoot. It was a great experience, and glad was I to be there with my fellow Alphas.

So we started to set up our water station once we arrived. We did it rather quickly, which allowed us to relax until the race started. Things got quite interesting. The first runner passed by and he had his mind on the finish line, since he did not want any water. Perhaps a minute passed when all the runners started to pour in; that is when the fun began. As we had half of the crew passing out water, the other half was pouring. At the same time we were cheering the runners on as they passed. It was such a feel-good moment, and hearing the runners yell with us and say “thank you” was very rewarding and heartfelt. After the race was over, we cleaned up the trail of empty cups the runners left, and that was fun, too. It was a job well done. Who knew community service could be such a fun experience. Go Alphas!! (>_<) \m/