Abilities Pageant

By Win Htet Kyaw

Abilities Pageant is a pageant for the physically challenged to prove that they are not so challenged through dance performances.

It was hosted at First Church of the Nazarene in Pasadena on March 9, 2013.

By noon, volunteers from AGS in white-dress-black-pants attire gathered at the Lee Chapel of the church. A variety of tasks were subsequently assigned to the volunteer workforce. Some worked at tables which were set at various places of the chapel and sold merchandise like snacks and drinks. Two or three volunteers were stationed at the two entrance doors in order to collect tickets and admit guests to the pageant. Meanwhile, other volunteers passed out flyers and programs. Those inside the auditorium ushered the guests to their seats whose numbers were designated by the tickets. Aside from the intermission and the end of the show, volunteers were permitted at other times to watch the pageant as fewer and fewer people flowed into the chapel. After the end of the show came the clean-up process which included tasks such as taking down stage props, loading them onto trucks, and picking up trash left behind by the guests.

By 5pm, the Lee Chapel was back in its original state before the pageant and the community service event was brought to an end.

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