Lancer Games

PCC Lancer Games

By Chi Hin Xu

            The PCC Lancer games in October brought fun moments for me.  I participated in the scavenger hunt event with two other AGS members.  Initially, I thought this scavenger hunt was going to be a cake walk, but since being good in this game required one to know specific areas of the campus, well, I was like, “Oh, okayyy.”

The rule of the game was to simply try to solve the riddles.  There were 10 riddles in total.  We were to go find where the answer to each riddle was located.  Then, we would have a member stand next to the “answer” (usually a building or monument) and have another member take a picture to post on a Facebook page made especially for the Lancer Games.  Finally, we would wait for someone to validate our answers to the riddles.  Some of the answers to the riddles had an “Associated Students” sticker next to it, and others didn’t.

Certain parts of the campus are overlooked by many of its students, and the most overlooked of all tended to be the answers to most of the riddles.  Seeing a bunch of pictures posted on Facebook by PCC students from other clubs on campus convinced me and my team to try to solve these intriguing, mysterious riddles as soon as possible, before time ran out.  And so, we ran up the stairs and walked back and forth in certain places, to try to beat the time.  After all, time limits stress some people out.  And since we were AGS, we wanted to do our best to represent our club. As a result, we all put on our thinking hats and started taking pictures.  It was an interesting event, and AGS got second place! In the future, we should have these types of games again, with slight changes each time.  For example, we should have games that require some sort of risk, with a “fear factor” feel to it.