Brookside Park Trash Clean Up

By Belinda Wu

I met members from other chapters on Monday morning after the Veterans’ Day weekend at 10 a.m. sharp at Brookside Park, home to the Kidspace Children’s Museum and Aquatic Center. We paired up and collected our tools for the day: a metal claw, and a black plastic trash bag or white plastic bucket. Then we headed off to work. Our task was simple: comb the grounds of the park, and fill our bags or buckets with rubbish.

Throughout the complete process, what was interesting (to me) was noticing where there was the most trash and discovering the most common items among the trash deposited by the park’s visitors. I found lots of garbage around tables and benches. I also unearthed a substantial amount of rubbish near the kids’ playground. I even found trash on the grassy slopes that people weren’t supposed to step on, which proved to be a surprise. Bottle caps, followed by food wrappers, topped the list of the most frequent things found among the trash.

To be honest, the entire event was pretty boring, what with the sun beating on our backs, whilst lugging our equipment around the whole park, but it was quite a meaningful experience because it taught me to be aware of where and what I was littering. Rather than making a hard time for the street cleaners, why not make the environment a better place for us to live in by throwing our waste at the right time and at the right place? Why not stick to the four “R”s – reduce, reuse, replace, and recycle? That would save us a lot of energy, money, and time in the long run, which is why I believe that we should definitely all play a part in conserving nature.