Blast – a – Scholar Fall 2012, Shannon Wu

By Shannon Wu


It was that time of the semester, when members of AGS, board members, and fellow students and professors of Pasadena City College crowded around the quad. With confused and eager faces, what were they anticipating? Of course, it was Fall semester’s Blast-A-Scholar!

Every semester, Alpha Gamma Sigma holds this wacky event that is fun and messy for fundraising. With the revenue earned through raffle tickets and pie-ing professors, AGS board members, and members in the face, the ultimate idea is that the money would head towards the scholarship fund for AGS. Besides pie-ing professors, AGS board members, and members of AGS, delicious churros and soda were also sold adjacent to the event.

Initially, only Allison Wang, our Internal Vice President, and our advisor, Dr. Randalls were victims of the pie. Eventually, more board members of AGS such as the president, Michelle Lee; external vice president, Calvin Chang; treasurer, Davina Boedijono; publicity director, Marina Guterres; and corresponding secretary, Alexa Rabanes, were brave enough to step up to the stage and allow students to throw pies at them at students’ own risk. Joseph Garcia, the event MC, made pie-ing the board members and professors more entertaining by minimizing the border between the victims and the pie-throwers, so that the victims were just inches away from the whip cream pie. One memorable instant from Blast was when Calvin Chang snuck behind Professor Whitworth and pied him in the face unexpectedly. Professor Whitworth had been teasing students to try to get him in the face, but up until that moment, no brave souls were successful.

Other appearances on the stage were Professor Kim and AGS member, Gary Kwan. One by one, pies were thrown at the people with protective gear that were all deemed useless in the end. At one point, Professor Kim was put on the spot because she had not been pied as much as the others. To give out an incentive, Garcia promised a Starbucks gift card, to the skillful individual who would be successful in pie-ing Professor Kim in the face. As a member of the Blast Committee and member of AGS, Gary Kwan was the only member of Alpha Gamma Sigma to volunteer to be pied. With great courage, he stepped up to the stage, but in minutes, like all the others, had whip cream all over his face and hair.

Amidst all the pie-throwing-fun, great progress was being made with fundraising for AGS scholarships. Students purchased their raffle tickets for a chance to win an iPad 2, and churros were selling relatively quickly. Eventually, the churro revenue amounted to be $59, and the amount from raffle ticket selling was $802, a whopping total that would go towards the well-deserved individuals who would win the scholarships. Unfortunately, the pies ran out, but priceless expressions were exposed and caught. With that, we can come back to revisit this event from the present or the future, because we know that it will only get better.