Blast – A – Scholar Fall 2012, Belinda Wu

By Belinda Wu


The much-anticipated Blast-a-Scholar event was held on November 15, 2012, at noon in the Quad. Our emcee did a great job of narrating the occasion to the beat of the background music.

At first, spectators were rather apprehensive and only a few of them attempted to pie our guest professor, mostly to no avail. However, as time passed, more students dropped by and crowded round the area. I wondered how those victims felt when they got pied. Were they scared or mad? Would they try to lick the cream that landed on their face or would they wipe them off with their plastic cloaks?

Those who paid waited in anticipation to pie our professor, who eventually got pied in the face by a student. Did the student actually have a grudge on our professor? I hoped not. Well, if he did, good for him. He got his revenge! If not, no worries though, I was sure our professor would not take it personally. Three of our board members also joined in the fun. Some of them tried to evade the pies by dodging but finally got pied as well.

In the end, the event raised approximately eight hundred dollars, which was about four times the amount of last year. Everybody enjoyed the event, especially those who participated in the action of pie-ing people. I was not disappointed, and I think we all looked forward to seeing this spectacle again next year.