Pasadena Arbor Day: A Day of Work to Beautify Pasadena

By Michelle Lee

“Pasadena was hit the hardest, sustaining nearly $20 million in damage. More than 1,200 downed trees crushed cars, knocked out power lines and damaged homes and businesses, according to city officials.”

-KTLA News

Throughout the beginning of December 2011, Pasadena, along with other local cities hit by the Sana Ana winds, had to deal with the cleanup of a grip of fallen trees. On March 31st, Pasadena Public Works Department and the Pasadena Beautiful Foundation hosted a tree-planting event in honor of Arbor Day!

A bunch of AGS volunteers came out to the Pasadena Arbor Day Tree Planting  event at McDonald Park on Mountain Street, at 8am on  Saturday March 31st . Locals and officials from the immediate community as well as volunteers from other schools gathered for the tree-planting at McDonald Park. Here, tree-planting demonstrations were given by Public Works officials- who knew there would be so many explicit steps to planting trees properly? After a few demonstrations, volunteers were let loose to plant young oaks, camphors, and various other trees along familiar streets in Pasadena. Newly settled trees can be found along Historic Highlands, Bungalow Heaven, and Mentor/Villa neighborhoods. Along the streets, Catalina and Washington, you can spy many of the saplings AGS volunteers planted! Throughout the whole day, about 175 trees were planted. Though replacing 175 trees out of the 1,200 fallen ones does not seem like a bunch – it really does make a big difference in enhancing neighborhood landscaping. Besides having a chance to lay down some new saplings, AGS volunteers had a chance to stroll around the area to each planting site, meet other volunteers, and have a pretty good workout!