Pasadena Rock Roll Marathon: Here I Come

By Michelle Lee

The city of Pasadena was the recent host of the Rock n’ Roll Marathon. Participants ran through the streets, on February 19, 2012, passing many landmarks familiar to many Pasadena City College students! Runners began the course at the Rose Bowl, passed over the Colorado Bridge, wove through Old Town, sped around the Brookside Golf Course, and finished off the marathon back at the Rose Bowl.

Running a half marathon of 13.1 miles, or anything longer, is not something many decide to do overnight. Many of the participants train and mentally prepare themselves for their 13 mile adventure. On their big day, runners greatly appreciate the efforts volunteers make to prepare the venue, cheer, and pass out the much-needed water bottles or greatly desired medals.

A participant of the marathon, Suet Lai, a local to the area around Pasadena, was a runner who had been preparing for this marathon for quite some time. She recalled seeing many volunteers passing out water and Gatorade during the race- a gesture much appreciated by many runners. As for the race, Suet’s strongest memory is of one bystander, at the 3.5 mile mark, shouting out, “You’ve completed 3 miles… 9 more to go!” (Lai) Her note to volunteers: “keep the countdown to the last mile, but keep smiling and offering the water” throughout (Lai).

Just as runners take much time to prepare for marathons, likewise, extensive marathons, such as this, are not planned overnight, nor are they easy to coordinate! Our Alpha Gamma Sigma alpha chapter was privileged to have the chance to volunteer at this event with the help and consent of Chris Hammond, the Volunteer Coordinator of Rock n’ Roll Marathons. Many AGS members have volunteered and familiarized themselves with the past Rock n’ Roll Marathons in L.A. and Pasadena, and some may have met Chris at either of these events. Chris has been the Volunteer Coordinator for three Rock n’ Roll Marathons, and according to him, “what keeps [him] coming back time and time again is seeing [his] eager volunteers at 5:30 am on race day all united and ready to give their all” and “[he] truly believes that their non stop positive spirit, and willingness to make our event a success makes [his] job rewarding” (Hammond).

To all AGS members who volunteered- Great job! To all those who have yet to come to an event like this, I encourage you to come, brighten a runner’s day, and help events in out local community.