Without a Wow, We are Faceless

By Matthew Sprott

Alpha’s recently appointed president, Jermaine Ee, has mentioned the prestigious “Wow Factor” several times.  Such a factor will supposedly give our chapter an easily discernible identity.  But what exactly is the Wow Factor?  When a business or organization has a tremendous impact on the surrounding community, it achieves the Wow Factor.  But, such impact derives from more than numerical statistics.  Corporate giants can achieve amazing numbers for their investors but that doesn’t necessarily mean they achieve the Wow Factor.  The Wow Factor comes from what other businesses and organizations as well as word of mouth says about a specific entity (i.e. AGS).  So, if outside organizations praise Alpha chapter, then we have received the Wow Factor.  The question now: Have we achieved it?

Two years ago, our chapter became officially recognized as a committee on the Tournament of Roses (TOR) and each year we have roughly 100 volunteers sign up as Rose Parade interns.  But such a statistic doesn’t mean much unless the TOR greatly appreciates our help.  Ask a tournament member about Alpha’s participation and hear how grateful he or she is to have AGS on board.  Last semester, the California State Senate asked our chapter at PCC for help with its Adelante Young Men’s Conference – an event catered to high school Latinos in order to encourage them to pursue higher education and high-salary careers.  They originally asked for 50 volunteers but Alpha met that quota a month before the event.  Thus, as you may recall, we increased the volunteers over the next few weeks and by the day of the event had 110 volunteers signed up!  Such a wonderful display of community dedication inspired both the California Senate and California State Assembly to write a personal certificate thanking Alpha chapter.  Moreover, Kristi Lopez (chair for Adelante Young Women’s Conference) has stated we “rock her socks” and Michelle Zavala (chair for Adelante Young Men’s Conference) has repeatedly thanked our volunteers for making the event a terrific success.  After we helped out Renegade Racing, their volunteer coordinator Stacie Smith made the following statement: “AGS members are worth at least three normal volunteers… They are the best!”  Christopher Hammond, volunteer coordinator for Competitor Racing Group, has repeatedly thanked AGS for the energy of its volunteers.  Nafiseh Arman, the director of Ability First’s Lawrence Frank Center, the largest Ability First location in So Cal, prioritizes AGS volunteers.  This means she allows AGS to fill up spots before giving spots to other volunteer groups.

So what is this Wow factor Jermaine keeps mentioning and how do we obtain it?  The cited examples shows how impressed outside organizations were and still are with Alpha chapter.  In fact, we have made such an impact that organizations are placing us atop the list for volunteer contacts.  And each time we volunteer, I, as activities coordinator, always hear the same feedback about how our volunteers show the most enthusiasm and do the hardest work.  We already have a Wow Factor in progress, so let’s keep it up and strive to make a golden future.