Look Beyond

By Matthew Sprott

What does it mean to be an AGS member?  Through my two years as an AGS member, I have seen both sides of the involvement spectrum: starting out in order to receive a mere transcript notation and ending in a statewide position vocalizing member views and requesting dramatic change among all chapters.  I began my journey sitting in the crowd of general members, watching officers lecture, and fighting for last-minute hours.  I didn’t care too much about socials or fundraising, aside from the banquets.  I was literally a procrastinator for hours.  For my first semester, I did three shifts of the final flea market because I desperately needed to fulfill the minimum hour requirement for active membership.  This past semester, I collected a stunning 103 hours, which placed me second among all Alpha members.  So why the big change?  People do more when others expect more from them.  After receiving the Activities Coordinator position, I slowly grew to a heightened mode of servitude.  Rather than seeking transcript notation or hours, I now sought how to get more involved with AGS.  Instead of asking what AGS could do for me, I asked what I could do for AGS.  Most students become general members and remain stagnant as they do just enough to receive notation.  They neither experience the fun to be had nor make lasting friendships.  Instead, they sit lost in the crowd and ignorant of the treasure within AGS.  As one who has experienced both sides of the spectrum, I tell you with confidence that AGS has far more to offer than transcript notation or the distinguished “honor society” title.  Thus, I encourage you to search beyond the surface of AGS, get more involved, and start making memories and long-term friendships.