Interview with Member-of-the-Month: Isabelle Chen

1. When did you join Alpha Gamma Sigma?

I joined in the Spring of 2012.

2. What has been your favorite experience in AGS?

My favorite experience was the Spring Convention.

3. What did you like about the Spring Convention?

AGS is a huge family and I never knew that before. I felt loved. I made so many good friends. This helped me get more involved in the new life here.

4. What was your favorite community service event and why?

Feeding Skid Row and the first reason is because I want to offer my help to those who need help and when I do those things I talk to them and I find they are in a bad situation and they still have their dream. I told myself I should make good use of the resources I have right now and I should achieve those dreams.

5. How did you find out about AGS?

During Club Week there was a huge tent and we were the first table. I asked the members and they told me this club is doing community service. I love to help so that is why I decided to join.

6. Where do you want to transfer to?

I want to transfer either to UC Berkeley, UCLA, or UC Irvine.

7. What is your major?


8. What advice do you have for potential AGS members?

If you join, I believe the time you spend in AGS will be the best time in your life. You will definitely benefit a lot from being with us.

9. What else would you like to share about your experience in AGS?

I won a plaque at the Spring Banquet and I didn’t expect that I would win that prize. I was so happy at that time. Work hard, be kind, and miracles will happen. I love AGS!