Sierra Madre Wine and Jazz Walk

By Matthew Sprott

What an exciting event!  To start the day on a high note, Pasadena chapter overwhelmed the event’s official volunteer coordinator, Jim Walsworth, with its excess of attendees to the 1:30pm shift.  Rather than the 12 members Jim supposedly requested, we showed up high and mighty with a number close to 40.  In fact, our numbers overwhelmed him so much that he commanded I send at least a dozen home around 4pm.  Next, the volunteers played a new game called “Find Matt”.  Because I had the sign-in sheet but not a cell phone, AGS members scavenged the area looking for me.  A few times, I even bumped into Gustavo Bueno or Krissi Mena leading a pack of fellow AGS members eager to sign out.

As the day progressed, our volunteers equaled the demand Jim originally set and the event went smoothly.  Unfortunately, no one considered to feed us volunteers so we all became a little weary; our stomachs growled in unison for a savior.  Just when hope seemed to dwindle, Gus and I, during our patrolling duties, uncovered a treasure worth a thousand words.  We went to a wine station where some kind ladies offered to give us warm, untouched boxes of pizza and plenty of chicken wings.  Gus and I delighted in the scent and taste.  Immediately, we rushed from station to station and fed our deprived volunteers.  AGS members rejoiced at seeing the treasure Gus and I carried.

As before, the excitement dwindled with time.  The Pasadena volunteers assisted a great deal with pick-up duties and waited patiently for the event’s closing to take down tables and rails.  Of course, during the takedown we could not help but to have fun.  Gus observantly pointed out how a simple umbrella took five AGS members to take it down.  Thus, we took the picture above for personal keepsake.  In sum, I and the 70 other volunteers had magnificent fun participating in this event!  Of course, no event could be complete without a good cause.  This event raised money for City of Hope by selling specifically designed wine glasses, from which participants used to sample the many wines.  Thus, the joy and great cause coincided to make for a wonderful event.  If you didn’t make this activity, I recommend you attend the next one because every volunteering opportunity holds its own treasures, though it’s up to your open mind to find them.