Rock N’ Roll Marathon

By Michelle C. Lee

On the eve of Halloween, people of all ages, and of all sorts of costumes, streamed through the finish line of the Rock n’ Roll Marathon, at L.A. Live. At about one hour and four minutes into the ½ Marathon, I watched as Charlie Serrano finished the race as the first place runner, and about 8 minutes later, Deena Kastor, who was the ½ Marathon record holder and 2004 U.S. Olympic Bronze Medalist, would run through the finish line. After the more serious runners broke through the finish line, children as well as adults ran through, some wearing fun and amusing costumes. The random costumes included anything from well-known characters such as Batman or Mario to a banana outfit! Probably one of the most comical costumes belonged to a couple, one of whom was dressed as a police officer who chased the other dressed as a runaway prisoner. Having been a volunteer stationed at the finish line, I was able to witness the first finishers and hand out medals to some of the finishers of the ½ Marathon as well as the Mini Marathon, who raced on Sunday morning. Aside from having the entertainment of watching few break significant racing records or spying someone decked out in a banana costume run by, I had the opportunity to witness the inspiring moment of family and friends cheering and congratulating loved ones who crossed finish line. To see this and be apart of the Rock n’ Roll Marathon was a fun and heartwarming way to begin a chilly Sunday morning, and otherwise terrifying Halloween. The LA Rock n’ Roll Marathon was by far the most entertaining race I have ever watched or volunteered for, and I would volunteer again if I had the chance!

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