2011 Holiday Food Drive: A Time to Help Those in Need

By Airin Ng

The holiday season is coming. It is a time of celebration that has been awaited by many. However, with the current economy, the cost of foods, housing and books that are increasing, the holiday season seems to be gloomy with its additional expenses.

Therefore, in the spirit of the holiday, the members of AGS have worked together with the Cross Cultural and Volunteer Center to provide the PCC students in need with a Holiday Food Basket.  It is an annual event that has been executed twice over the past ten years when the economy took a downfall. “The recipients of the food basket are chosen from lists provided by the Extended Opportunity Programs & Services and California Work Opportunities program,” said Dr. Scott Thayer, a representative from the Office of Student Affairs.

Many clubs and divisions of PCC have contributed baskets containing non-perishable food items like canned beans, vegetables, or fruits. These foods are able to offer the necessary ingredients to have a nice holiday meal and provide our fellow students with an opportunity to celebrate with their family without worrying about the costs it would bring. In reflection, the 2011 Holiday Food Basket Drive has ended successfully, considering the numerous amounts of baskets that have been donated during our general meetings – a warm thought to know that many of our members care.

The holiday season is about giving back, and what better feeling could it bring than knowing that we helped our friends in need?