2011 Fall Conference: The Torch Passes from SMC to PCC

By Matthew Sprott

By far, the fall conference was the greatest networking opportunity an AGS member could experience this semester.  The conference included developmental workshops such as résumé building, yoga, love and relationships, financial advice, interview tips, and many more.  I personally took résumé building, interview tips, and love and relationships, all of which were very informative.  The first told me to conform my résumé to the job opening.  In other words, look at the bullet points the employer posted in the job description and rephrase it in your résumé to highlight that you have the skills she or he wants.

The speaker for the second advised the AGS attendees to always write a personal thank you to the person or persons who interviewed you because such an action distinguishes you from other applicants.  While the speaker for love and relationships informed us that sometimes the cute actions a romantic partner does in the beginning of the relationship end up being very annoying.  She used constant monitoring to exemplify her lesson: early on in a relationship, you may adore your partner’s constant texting or calling, but should it continue later on, you might begin to see it as controlling.  Therefore, she cautioned us to be aware of what we like in people because we may not like it down the road and if we don’t then it may cause trouble in the relationship.

A nationally known speaker (she spoke on Oprah Winfrey’s show) also came and gave an hour-long inspirational speech.  Along with that, everyone who attended received 10 AGS hours.  So you got hours to eat, have fun, develop your skills, and network with other chapters.  Sound like an awesome tradeoff?  At this conference, Alpha Chapter (that’s us) represented itself very well as it had almost thirty attendees, which about equaled Santa Monica Community College’s and Mount San Antonio College’s attendance.  Out of three candidates for the student trustee position for all of Southern California’s AGS chapters, our chapter’s candidate won the vote with his slogan, “When you’re looking at the ballot, dot the Sprott!”  And so, the torch for student trustee passed from Santa Monica Community College to Pasadena City College.