Union Station Adult Center Meal Preparation: A Time to Give Back to the Less Fortunate

By Oshin Edralin

When AGS opened the CS event called “feed the homeless”, I immediately signed up because I love cooking. I was very excited about this event mainly because I get to work in the kitchen and use my culinary skills, very different from the past events which I’ve attended such as the marathons and walks.  Moreover, I loved the idea of cooking and serving these very special guests.

In the kitchen there were 10 AGS volunteers and others who regularly come on Saturdays to volunteer. It was great working with and meeting new AGS members, as well as other volunteers, who share a passion for cooking and helping the needy.

I met Joanna, the head of the kitchen, busy as she already was; she patiently showed us what to do and where to find the materials. I am glad that AGS was able to put a smile on her face, as she was overwhelmed to receive such a big number of volunteers from us that morning.

We all had different tasks to do: some were assigned to slicing fruits, baking biscuits, heating the ham, as for me, I get to make the scrambled eggs! This is the largest batch of eggs I’ve cooked – 100; and the most I will ever cook in my life (unless of course I attend this event again). Although it’s not on my bucket list to cook a hundred eggs on a huge pan all at once, I made a side note and checked it off. I was thrilled!!!

The kitchen became smaller as we started hustling to compile the breakfast for our guests. To avoid disorder, we strategized by forming a food assembly line, where the plate gets passed from one chef to another, each placing a different viand, until it reaches our guest at the claiming window.

Not only was I happy to feed my guests, I greatly enjoyed the teamwork with my fellow AGS members. After breakfast was done, we cleaned up and arranged the cooking materials back in its place. Everyone coordinated so well, we ensured counters were clean; the sharp objects were placed in safe places and ensured each other’s safety in the kitchen. What’s more, we solved math problems (Oh yes!) by cutting different dimensions of rectangular shaped cakes equally to feed 120 people.

I thought, what a great way to start my Saturday! Math problems plus cooking? I’m hooked! I definitely look forward to attending events such as this one in the future!