Fall Semester:Was it Worth It?

By Matthew Sprott

As the semester draws to a close, I thank each of you for being part of Alpha Gamma Sigma’s Alpha Chapter.  Although the board and I could have done much more for you, we have been discussing many new ideas and adopting many new programs.  For instance, next semester, AGS will be coordinating the International Peer Mentor Program which both reduces culture shock for international students and provides an easy opportunity to earn all your hours.  Did I mention that you may earn these hours at the times you select?  That’s right!  This is the only community service event offered by Alpha Chapter where you choose what hours you work.  Last spring, I participated in the program — when PCC actually funded it through the International Students Center — and earned 21 hours merely for talking and hanging out with an international student.  The program intends to reduce culture shock by setting international students up with American students in order that the latter may acculturate the former.  If interested, then fill out the forms as soon as they get posted on our website and turn them into a board member.

I found this semester very hectic yet enjoyable at the same time.  I enjoyed learning how to be a leader.  At the semester’s start, I foolishly tried to put my hand in every community service event and AGS social, which overwhelmed me and left me with no time to get schoolwork done.  I solved this problem through the magic of delegation.  By assigning different leadership roles to my committee members, I not only saved myself plenty of time, I also empowered them.  They went from being average workers to managers in an instant, as I moved from an overworked manager to a delegating boss.  Aside from my personal growth, what has this year’s board done?

This year’s board started the President’s Service Award to honor those who earn 100 plus hours within two semesters — an award that helps with transferring as well, restarted the AGS tutoring opportunity on campus, revived the International Peer Mentor Program, and built relations with Associated Students (AS) — which I don’t recall previous boards doing.  It’s amazing that when organizations contact PCC about volunteering opportunities, AS refers them directly to our club.  Circle K may get some referrals as well, but they come second on the list; if AGS can’t fill up the volunteering vacancy, then AS calls Circle K and other clubs.

What can you anticipate for next semester?  For one, membership requirements will most probably increase — the board and I believe such an action will increase our members’ involvement.  Secondly, you can expect a social every few weeks.  Unlike this semester with its five socials within the past few months, my new mindset of delegation will allow many more socials to occur and throughout the semester not merely at the end.  Thirdly, the meetings will be more fun and less lecture-like — the board is currently discussing ways to make our meetings more enjoyable.  Fourth, there will be plenty more volunteering opportunities.

I conclude with a question for you: after being part of AGS’s Alpha Chapter for at least one semester, was your time well-spent?  Do you feel that your membership benefited you?  Please submit your answers to sprott_ags@live.com.