Capabilities Instead of Disabilities: Hooray for Hollywood

by Krissi Mena and Tiffany Chan

The red carpet, crowds, and cameras set the atmosphere at the Hooray for Hollywood, an Ability First event. Those with disabilities had the opportunity to assume roles as stars-for AGS members it was a chance to emulate a marveling throng.

The Blues Brothers

At twilight, the limousines came around the corner to create an elegant entrance for the stars. Their formal clothing embellished the red carpet as they departed from the limo. As soon the stars were visible, the crowd, scattered with AGS members, became boisterous-even gesticulating at some instances-from the ambience of the event as it began resembling the Hollywood experience more each passing moment. The occasion itself convinced most of those attending to postulate it actually was one. It was not until midway through the event that people suspected they were play-actors-“Sarah Palin” was especially convincing in her act. Celebrity impersonators, which deceived numerous individuals, periodically exited the vehicle to elevate the excitement. “Guest appearances” from Sarah Palin, Robert Pattinson-the lead in Twilight, Jake and Elwood from the Blues Brothers, a Transformer, Herbie and many others preformed. Their acts ranged from lectures to petite concerts, appealing to the differing tastes in the audience.


Though they may have been a tough act to follow, the stars still received more plaudits than even the Blues Brothers. The acclamation from a clamorous audience gave courage to those on the red carpet. Their gallantry in speaking in a front of a large crowd before them and divulging their lives to many was applauded. By encouraging them, others began imitating their effort to reveal their character. Instantly, everyone had an introduction prepared to announce and were less nervous in the spotlight.

Ability First’s objective is to focus on capabilities of an individual; AGS by attending the event achieved this goal by providing the means they required.

Transformers, the time-machine car, and Herbie

A limousine
A limousine

Getting a signature from a Transformer
Getting a signature from a Transformer


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