Board Elections

AGS has just finished their Fall 2011- Spring 2012 Executive Board Election
in the May, and there were 13 candidates who were running for the 14 positions
this year.

The 13 candidates had their election speeches on Thursday, May 26th, during
the AGS general meeting. Among the 14 positions, 3 positions had two running
against each other, which are External VP, Activities Coordinator, and Treasurer;
4 positions were left without any candidates, which are Corresponding Secretary,
Fundraising Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, and Recording Secretary.
Among all the candidates’ speeches, Tom Leung, who was running for Treasurer,
left a deep impression on many audiences. With a special presence, Leung
dressed up like a pirate and carried a treasure case with him, by which
he caught many people’s attention right away.

Following the Thursday’s speeches, the candidates were interviewed by current
board offices on Tuesday, May 31st, during the AGS planning meeting. Among
all the candidates, 4 of them who were running for External VP and Activities
Coordinator did not get interviewed, because their positions were mainly
determined by the public votes. The rest of candidates took turns to stand
inside the AGS board circle, and answered questions asked by the board officers
in the circle. During the interview, Vanessa Schulz, the AGS Advisor, announced
only one result from the public votes after the election speech, which was
for Tracey Nguyen, who was running for the President. She got 58 "yes"
votes and 8 "no" votes.

Results for the 2011-2012 AGS Board of Offices were presented at the Spring
Banquet, on Friday, June 3rd. Tracy Nguyen became the new President for
next year. Kiss Mena and Jermaine Ee are the Internal VP and External VP.
Matthew Sprott is the Activities Coordinator. Briana Nakawatase is the Recording
Secretary. Tom Leung is the Treasurer. Priscilla Ruiz is the publicity
Art Director. Keira Song is the Fundraising Coordinator. Jennifer Yang is
the Marketing Director. Finnegan Pitchford is the Technology Coordinator.
Krishna Rajagopalan is the Assistant Technology Coordinator. Marissa Sanchez
is the ICC Representative. The new Corresponding Secretary is still vacant
which will decided by the new board.

Congratulations to all new board members and thanks to all old board members.

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