Blast-a-Scholar in Review

by Krishna Rajagopalan

Blast-a-Scholar, one of AGS’s largest fundraisers, was held on May 19 from 12-1 pm and was a joint production of AGS and OMD. The event, which is used to raise money for AGS scholarships, involved throwing pies and water balloons at various AGS as well as OMD board members. The event also featured tamales which were provided by MECHA and snacks provided by Phi Alpha Delta.

Improvising for this popular event was a necessity since AGS board members were unable to find any faculty, besides our advisor Professor Shulz, to take part in it. Board members who subjected themselves to pie-ing and water baloons for Blast-a-Scholar included Finnegan Pitchford, Logan Thomas, Share Lin, Tiffany Chan, as well as a board member from OMD. At the end of the festivities, there was a raffle that featured a grand prize of an iPad as well as 20 gift cards for various local businesses. Also on hand were several campus clubs for students to explore, making for a miniature version of Club Week.

This semester’s Blast-a-Scholar was clearly a success and one to be remembered for semesters to come, especially when planning next semester’s festivities.


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