May 2011

Board Elections
Who will be on our next board?


Blast-a-Scholar in Review
BAS is one of AGS’ most important events


Capabilities Instead of Disabilities
Hooray for Hollywood event


Where Artistry Meets Philanthropy
The Venice Beach Art Walk


Member of the Month Interviews
Get to know our Members of the Month


About the Alpha-Bits Team

The Alpha-Bits Team consists of AGS Alpha chapter members Katie Brown, Efren Chuong, Finnegan Pitchford, Krishna Rajagopalan and HuaYuQing (Jennifer) Yang.
They write, report, edit, photograph, design, and much more for the newsletter. If you’d like to join the newsletter team, e-mail with Newsletter Team in subject line.


Writing: Katie Brown, Krishna Rajagopolan, Jennifer Yang, Krissi Mena.
Photography: Efren Chuong, Krishna Rajagopolan
Design: Lindsay Lewis, Share Lin, Krissi Mena, Finnegan Pitchford, Priscilla Ruiz

Contact with Newsletter in subject line.