Celebrating the Past, Planning the Future: 2011 AGS Spring Banquet


By Krishna Rajagopalan

            AGS held its annual Spring Banquet on June 3rd 2011. The Spring Banquet is a time to recognize the members in each of the committees including the Business Committee, the Blast-A-Scholar Committee, Activities Committee, and the Newsletter Committee. The permanent members as well as the scholarship winners were recognized and applauded. Lastly, the upcoming board was announced and they were presented with awards. AGS had yet another reason to celebrate this semester with regards to their chosen venue.

A video honoring the current board followed the announcement of the permanent members. “This year’s Banquet was unique because it was the first time that AGS held it in PCC’s own Piazza,” said Talia Ireland, organizer of the Banquet and head of the Activities Committee. For many of us who attended, it was a time to reflect on the semester’s accomplishments and share some final thoughts with the current board. “The spring banquet is all about honoring the new board and making them feel special,” Ireland said.  The 2011 Spring Banquet was clearly a success reflecting the fact that AGS has an impressive number of committed and enthusiastic individuals who want to make a difference in their community.