AGS Wants Your Blood

By Michelle C. Lee

“38% of the U.S. population is eligible to give blood.

7% of the population has the Universal donor blood type, O negative.

5 Million patients in the U.S. need blood every year.

Blood cannot be manufactured; it can only come from volunteer donors.”

-American Red Cross

From the statistics and facts gathered from Red Cross, it is so blatantly apparent that there is a significant need for blood and only so few are able to provide it. If you are one of the special few who are eligible to give, take advantage of your ability to save another person! And if you are one of the even rarer who is a universal donor, your blood is all the more useful! Embrace your ability to give something most are unable to offer! Besides the unrivaled perk of saving a life, donors are usually also given snacks and rewards ranging from coupons or giftcards to free tickets to NBA basketball games.

When contemplating whether to donate, be sure to heed instructions and precautions associated with donating. Red Cross often asks donators to read over the introduction booklet before donating, and often times, veteran donors push it aside saying, “Oh, I’ve read this before.” Do not make the mistake of neglecting the booklet! It is regularly updated to inform potential donors to decline if they have recently visited certain places or countries, due to possible complications with foreign food or exposure. It is imperative that you heed instructions and read necessary material so that you may be aware of possible dangers to yourself or possible blood recipients. If you think you are one of the lucky ones who will pass screenings, make sure to visit for tips and requirements concerning donations.

AGS recently volunteered with a blood drive at PCC. If you are unable to donate, the next best alternative would be to inform, promote, or volunteer at a blood donation drive. During the week prior to finals, a Red Cross blood drive was hosted in the Quad of PCC, and if you were unable to catch that one, keep your eye out for possible blood drives in the spring! Help AGS form good relations with the Red Cross while saving a life!