Member of the Month (June 2009-March 2010)

The following members were chosen as members of the month by our board because they have shown exemplary character, or their actions reflected the values that Alpha Gamma Sigma stand for.

March 2010

Thao Tran

My name is Thao Tran and this is my very first semester joining AGS even though I participated in some of AGS events in winter session prior to this semester. After couple of months being AGS member, I feel sorry that I did not join AGS earlier since this is also my last semester at PCC and I am having such a great time volunteering and making friends with other AGS members. The most memorable AGS event so far to me is the event at Los Angles Food Bank where we as volunteers helped to sort out expired foods since I learnt from the trip how lucky I am to have warm and happy dinner with my family every day. At last, I hope toward the end of this semester I can remember names of all AGS members and bring good memories about AGS as I transfer to another university.

Mallory Soto

Daisy Fu

December 2009


I'm honored to be one of the AGS Members of the Month! Being a part of AGS allows me to feel more involved with the PCC community, and I am very grateful for that. So thank you AGS and I hope everyone has a great winter break! :)


Joining AGS has really made my time at PCC memorable. Through services and meetings I've been able to meet so many great new people. It feels awesome knowing that even through just small actions such as passing out fliers at an event, or raising money for scholarships, all of us an make a difference in our school and in our community. I definitely look forward to returning as an AGS member in the upcoming semesters.



I thank my fellow AGS members have often gone out of thier way to be friendly to me and make me feel welcome. I have met so many amazing people in AGS, many who I look up to. I am grateful to be learning leadership, work ethic, and other important life skills in AGS. Thank you everyone!

November 2009


When I was deciding on what I should major in, I thought to myself that I wanted to be a help to people / society. I really enjoy communicating with people, helping them out and seeing their smiles =). This is why I chose my major as Biology to pursue the field of medicine to see more smiles when I save patients =). I am thankful for AGS for creating these opportunities for me to help the community and meet new people. This club has definitely positively influenced my life. I'm proud to be a member of AGS.





Hi, my name is Jennifer Song and I am honored to be one of November's Member of the Month. This is my first semester in AGS and I am proud to be a member of such a prominent organization. Being a member of AGS, I have met so many great people and made some awesome new friends. Dedicating most of my time into AGS, I can honestly say that it has been a great experience. The best reward of being a part of AGS is not getting the notation nor is it stacking up hours, but knowing that I was able to give back to the community and help make a difference in someone else's life. Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society is an amazing club on PCC campus and it gives you an opportunity to make the community a better place. I encourage everyone to get involved and remember that it is never too late to make a difference.

October 2009



I feel great to join AGS. People are really nice, smart and organized here. So many interesting events I could join, and I enjoyed working with you. The best thing is joining a committee. In committee, we discussed how to raise money and how to make our posters and advertisements, and we contributed our ideas from high school or so and learn what difference we could make to fit our needs. I found out everything is possible if we could individually do a minor thing, and each thing will add up to become a great accomplishment for us and our AGS the Honor Society. I feel so satisfied in this club and hope you do, too.


September 2009


As a member of AGS I am empowered to become a leader everywhere I go. I volunteer on campus and in my community often. At PCC I am the President of CLAVE (Chican@/Latino@ Advancing in the Values of Education). I am also a President's Ambassador. I have tutored and mentored youth at the Santa Anita YMCA. I am dedicated to pursuing higher education and enjoy helping others achieve this goal as well. I believe that AGS has brought about new opportunities of service in my life. The spirit of AGS truly embodies the excellence, knowledge, and wisdom all students need to succeed.


I would like to thank AGS for giving me such lovely and fond memories this past year. The friendships that were made and the activities that we played were just awesome. So lets all create something even more awesome this semester. Cheers to having fun and being happy all year long.


Hey AGS! Thanks for giving me this recognition as member of the month. Well, I am Joshua Buenrostro and I am entering my fourth semester in AGS. I am a business administration major and I plan to minor in Entrepreneurship and Engineering Technology Commercialization. I was President of the Electrical Club at PCC for three semesters, I am in the REEO program and I will be volunteering in an after school program, called IMPACTO, this coming spring. I am actively involved in helping out my community and my fellow peers in whatever way I can. AGS has instilled this passion of mine through the various board members who greet you with a smile and have much enthusiasm and commitment to what they do. AGS is a great club that provides you with opportunities to grow as a person and intellectual through events and socials. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and helping you guys out anyway I can. If you have any questions feel free to come up to me and ask!


Hi my name is Tim. As part of this prestigious organization, I have always attempted to put myself in the most helpful positions in order to benefit the club as much as possible. I am humbled to be selected as a MOTM, and grateful for all the positive physical aspects AGS has helped me develop. I am truly glad to be part of an association that does not hesitate in providing invaluable advice to those that desire guidance. Thank you AGS, for your substantial role in shaping me into the person I am today.

June 2009


Hi, my name is Gresella Prajitno. It is my privilege to be chosen as a Member of the Month for June and be a part of the big AGS family. Being in the fundraising committee has given me the opportunity to be an assistant organizer in many events such as Rose Bowl, Flea Market, Krispy Kreme sales, Battle of the Talents, and many more. Through AGS, I met a lot of high-achievers who inspire me in my daily life; not only do they excel in their academic pursuit but also have passion in giving back to the community. With this I want to encourage everyone to join AGS, the best club ever.


My name is Ysabel Jurado. I am so honored to be Member of the Month! It is my first semester at AGS and I feel perfectly at home. The thing I love about AGS is that there are so many motivated people around you that you can not help but be motivated as well, which is what drove me to become Member of the Month. AGS help me remember that community service is not work but that is also fun. I encourage other members who were not as active this semester to take chance and put themselves out there because I have learned through AGS, that helping others is truly rewarding! Thank you for this opportunity, I hope you all have a great summer!


Hi, my name is Gisella Budiono. First of all, I would like to say thank you very much for being chosen as the member of the month. This is actually my first semester in AGS. However, I feel that AGS has benefited me a lot in many aspects of my life. First, I feel that AGS is a truly inspiring club as it exposes and encourages us to be more socially involved with the community. Second, I feel that AGS has broadened my network as I get to meet and work with different individuals. Third, I also feel that AGS has given me the opportunity to improve my leadership skill. I am also a member of the Fundraising Committee that is led by Joy Mak. I feel this committee is one solid group.

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