Member of the Month (April 2010-November 2010)

Ken Tang (November 2010)

Hi everybody, my name is Ken Tang. It is my honor to be selected as the member of the month for November 2010 together with another honor member-Rebecca. I was really happy when I received this good news.
This is my second semester joining AGS. To be honest, at first my reason of joining AGS was because of AGS's notation, and I thought fulfilling 20 hours or community service was a hard task. However, after my first community service, the Walk for Autism, I realized that joining AGS is more than just getting the notation. I have received more than what I have contributed. I am glad that through the community service that AGS provided I could help other people in need and serve our community. I have made a lot of friends and gained a lot of valuable experiences such as helping Internal Vice President Committee to organize the Blast a Scholar Event and assisting External Vice President Committee to solicit donation from local organizations. As a member of AGS, I am having fun and doing something interesting besides my studies. I couldn't believe that I already finished my hours easily in this semester. I want to encourage all AGS members to participate more in AGS because the more you participate, the more benefits you will get from it.
At last, I would like to thank Tatev and Marco for nominating me as the member of the month, thank AGS board members for selecting me, and thank my friends for their supporting. I will continue to be involved more in this great club.

Winessa Nartia (October 2010)

I never anticipated to be one along with one of the most remarkable people you will ever meet - Logan Thomas. It was not until Benny, Jimmy, and I were underneath the canopy on the first Sunday of October.

'You should start writing your speech,' said Jimmy.
I asked him, 'Speech? For what?!'
He chuckled and responded, 'You are going to be the member of the month.'

Now that I look back at it, if it wasn't for Jimmy, the members, faculty, and everyone else, I would not have been the person that I truly am today, for this experience from the last month's events (social, flea market, Wine and Jazz Walk, Aids Walk, Rock-n-Roll 1/2 Marathon, Children Trick-or-Treat, and Goblins in the Garden) have made me a stronger individual. Do not do these events because you have to; do them because you want to, for we put the 'G' in A.G.S. Right now, we may be geeky, but in the future, we will be great. In conclusion, I would like to dedicate this to Jim, and I know you are reading this, Jim. I would like to thank you most of all. You believed in me when I did not even believed in myself. We love and miss you oh so much. Thank you.

Logan Thomas (October 2010)

Hi everyone, I'm Logan, your co-member of the month for October 2010 along with Winessa, whose one of the most awesome people you'll ever meet! These past couple months have been a whirlwind; I never thought I would be in this position. It feels as though it was just yesterday I was buying my first AGS sweatshirt (which I almost never take off now) and yet here I am, being recognized out of a body of students whose selflessness I didn't think I could match. I never expected to gain as much as I have from my time with AGS. I feel as though I've grown so much as a person and met so many beautiful people that I've gained more than I could ever hope to give back to this organization, no matter how hard I tried. But I'll keep trying! As such, I want to thank you, the members, the administrators, and everyone else who makes this society possible (you put the G in AGS!!!). I want to thank Marco Valadez -who nominated me- as well as Talia and the rest of our amazing AGS board members for their support in my nomination. To be recognized by you guys, as hardworking as you are, has meant more to me than I can say. Lastly, I especially want to thank my mom, who has always been there for me. You have served as a continual inspiration in my life, making me the person I am today. I couldn't have done any of this without you.

As much as this award is intended to serve as recognition of our own hard work, Winessa and I have decided to dedicate this honor to Jim Stafford, because we feel that, in our own turn, we must recognize someone whose altruism and service -both in the community and to this organization- has far exceeded anything either of us has achieved. We miss you Jim.

Mona Zhang (Semptember 2010)

Hi AGS lovers, I'm Mona. It's such an honor to be AGS's member of the month. This is my first month being an AGS member, and I already had so much awesome experiences with our intelligent AGS members. After attending to club week, TV taping, and Tournament of Roses meetings, I surely realized that joining AGS was a great decision I made for myself. By participating in these great volunteering opportunities that AGS provided, my feeling of being part of the community has grown and is stronger than ever. It is always good to know that you are helping others to make their life better and easier. Participating in these events has not only motivated me and trained me to do things more efficiently, but also helped me gain my communication skills. I want to thank all AGS board members and my friends who supported me, and I hope to be part of AGS for the rest of my semesters and PCC.

Ryan Lam (April 2010)

Hey all dearest AGS members, I am Ryan Lam and this is my honor to be voted as a Member of the Month. I have joined in AGS since Spring 2009 and I have so many memories that I will never forget such as Krispy Kream and See'ss Candies Fundraiser, TV Tapping, Flea Market, Blash A Scholar, Socials and especially, the Spring Convention and our Banquet. Being a member of AGS family, I not only have a chance to dedicate for our community, build up my teamwork skills but I also have a chance to meet many incredible AGS members. Being member of this month, I want to say thank you to all Board Members that have voted for me; especially Ivan Perez, our External Vice President, who has nominated me. Well, not only me, all you guys who are AGS members, if you guys are active and dedicated for AGS and our community, you guys also have the chance to be member of the month because I AM AGS, and YOU, TOO!

Lindsay Lewis (April 2010)

This is my first year at PCC, as well as my first semester in AGS. Everyone in AGS has been incredibly welcoming and helpful, in turn making my time with AGS a truly lovely experience. The experiences that I been fortunate enough to have with AGS, such as the various volunteer projects, have been gratifying due to the change they bring in the local community. It is always humbling to know that you ,along with others, made a positive difference in someone else's life, in whatever form it may be. I hope to continue to make a positive difference in the community by being a part of AGS next semester and the rest of my remaining semesters at PCC. Thank you AGS for giving both myself and others the opportunity to help the community, and for the valuable experiences that come with it.

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