Member of the Month

The following members of the month were chosen by our board because they have shown exemplary character, or because their actions have reflected the values that Alpha Gamma Sigma stand for.

Potjaman Pigulsawas (May 2011)

When I first came to the United States four years ago, I didn't think I would be able to communicate with people here. I could read and write some English, but my reading and writing skills were much worse than this. Wanting to improve my English, I studied hard and spent a year and half in English Language Program. After that I had a goal in mind that I wanted to complete sixty units within 2 years and transfer to Cal Poly where my dream major, hospitality management, is provided. However, things were quite complicated when you are a full time student, a housewife, and a mother. My world was combined with home, school, and markets. I sometimes felt lonely and home-sick when my son is at school and my husband is at work. Until one day, I saw a sign ''Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) Honor Society is open for new members'' ....and I thought ''well...let's check it out''. I started doing volunteer work, and before I realized, I felt in love with this club. I have been in fun activities, learned about teamwork, gained great experiences through giving back to the community, and most important of all developed great friendships with other AGS members.
To be nominated as member of the month is beyond my expectation since what I've gained from being a member of AGS is far more than what I've given to this club. Now I've completed over seventy units, and am ready to move on to the next chapter of my life, I know that one of my sweetest memories I have at Pasadena City College is that I've been a part of such a great club like AGS, a club that gave me joy, friendships, and valuable experiences.

Keira Song (May 2011)

Jordan Acevedo (April 2011)

Krissi Mena (April 2011)

Clop! Shuffle! Clop! Shuffle! The sounds resonate in the UU-building as it fills with students anxious for their first AGS meeting. Immediately, the anxiety dissipated when the board members ascended the stage making introductions. Their poise, selflessness, and character enamored me. I never considered myself their equal, let alone exhibiting any qualities they possessed! Although I may not have all their qualities yet, I will try my best to live up to their expectations for this recognition they have bestowed upon me — I am NOT l letting them down!
It is surreal to spend time with people I aspire to become. By merely talking to the board members, it feels as though a part of their experience is imparting to me. I especially felt this while listening to a conversation by James during the Spring Convention. He remarked, ‘You guys are so lucky and you don't even know it. The California school system is amazing-you can get into the most prestigious schools in the nation easily. While I was growing up, places like UCLA seemed far away. Then I realized I took much more than the school system for granted. I had undervalued the opportunities in AGS to learn from other members. This is a network of people which I could learn from; AGS is a network of people which I could share things with, whether it is discussions or events!
Now I would like to share my thanks to Benny, Logan, Tiffany, Lindsay (BLT), Josh, Erica, Finn, and Share for the awesome memories-I couldn't make your names into a cool acronym- and the board members for selecting me. Of course my mom gets a big THANKS too!

Cristina Cruz (March 2011)

ALLO AGS! I'll tell you straight up, I think I might have been the worst AGS member in the world. Like the absolute worst, and this does not apply to this semester and not the last semester, but the first semester I ever joined AGS. In the spring of '10, I think for sure I may have been one of the worst AGS members. It's largely Nicole's fault though. That semester, I joined because I wasn't qualified to join straight out of high school and I had to wait a semester. So when I could join, I did join, but I didn't do anything; the only thing I did was go to meetings, where I did nothing. I guess you could say that the only thing I did was to allow Nicole to sign me up for events. Nicole would always ask if I wanted to go to an event, and I'd say, ''fine,'' just so she would stop bugging me, but I never went! So naturally, because of flaker's policy, I had negative hours for a long point of time! And that semester I did not receive notation, but now look at me, I'm member of the month of March! HEEEY! Hehe, on a serious note my first semester I felt too cool to do anything, but obviously when you don't do anything you don't receive anything in return, which is a total burn. The next semester was the first semester that I had Nicole every day for every class so when she asked if I wanted to an event, I couldn't just say ''fine'' and not go, because I'd see her the next day! And trust me, you don't want to see Nicole pissy at you. So! We went to a lot of events and I quit my too cool attitude and I got more than just notation in return.
At AGS, I've met so many amazing people! I've participated in so many amazing events! And I've learned so much about many different perspectives. AGS became more than just a way to make my transcript pretty, it provided new experiences that I will appreciate FOR LIFE. So, obviously, I'd like to thank Nicole for being my best friend ever and pushing me to do all of these events! Because she really just signed me up for these, what would I do without her? I'll tell you, we're going to have fun for the next two years at UCLA. And really, if you think about it, who the heck gets nominated for Member of the Month with their best friend ever? Because in that case, I'd like to thank Share, our almighty president for nominating us as dual members of the month. Then I'd like to thank Marco for saying ''AYE,'' because I was there when I heard him say it. I think there was another person who said it too, but I was in shock so I can't name names, but thank you too! I'd also like to thank the rest of the board for not saying ''Nay.'' Haha, I'd also like to thank the rest of AGS who make AGS super fun and are not appreciated. I appreciate you, I think your super fun. Also, can I mention Andrew Capati? The best freshman ever? I'll miss you dude, so I just have too. Make sure you do good when I'm gone!

Nicole Costales (March 2011)

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