Newsletter 4 - Assignments

Like to take pictures or write? Well this committee wants you! We're all about reporting on everything AGS, so if you have a camera and like to use it, or if you want to write articles for the newsletter, join us! It doesn't matter what your major is. Read our posts to find out more about us.

Newsletter 4 - Assignments

Postby Amie » Tue May 12, 2009 3:02 pm

So remember that the Volume 83, Issue 7 (#4) is to be published on Thursday the 14th, instead of the 21st, for timing purposes.

Here are the assignments we discussed (official events as posted on the website's Events List) and volunteered for at the meeting on May 6:

5-7-09 (Thursday) Krispy Kreme Fundraiser: Victoria, Daisy, Amie

5-9-09 (Saturday) AIDS Big Night Out: Victoria, Share
5-9-09 (Saturday) River Clean-Up: Daisy, Peter, Garyin

5-10-09 (Sunday) Rose Bowl Flea Market: Victoria, Daisy

--added but not discussed at the meeting--5-14-09 (Thursday) Lancer Games: Amie, Victoria

--added but not discussed at the meeting--5-15-09 (Friday) Euclid Transitional Apartments:

5-20-09 (Wednesday): Project Angel Food: Amie

5-23-09 (Saturday): Sierra Madre Library Maintenance: Peter, Amie

5-27-09 (Wednesday): NEED TIMES: Habitat For Humanity: Daisy (maybe), Amie (maybe), ANGIE

5-29-09 (Friday) Pool Party Social: Everyone but Amie?

5-30/31-09 (Sat/Sun) Relay for Life: Peter (maybe), Amie (maybe), Victoria (maybe), ANGIE

Check for the times, Events Sign-up, and who is in charge on the website!

NEWSLETTER article assignments:
Hooray for Hollywood - Share
Rose Bowl Flea Market - Daisy
PCC Flea Market - Garyin
Tips for Board Candidates - Peter

Still available (if you let me know ASAP):
Scholarships (maybe include what types, interview(s) with previous winners (yours truly!), due dates, requirements, etc) -
Convention Review -
Upcoming events to look forward to -

I would like to see an Opinion piece in the near future, rather than all Event Reviews, which are a bit different.

Let me (and our forum) know if you find any errors or updates to your availability for the events!

Next meeting is on May 20. We shall go over the last month of school, AGS, and the last newsletter for June.

Then talk to you all soon!
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report what I can help with Photography Committee

Postby N_AGS_G » Tue May 12, 2009 11:24 pm

Hi, Amie, It's nice to see all these assignments, which make us easy to remember (especially me, short-term memory lost :D ) and see about what we should do.
I already signed up for the Habitat For Humanity and Relay for Life, so I can help you take more meaningful pictures of our club too. I would like to help you out on Pool Party Social too if I find out any time available for me on that day, which means a "Maybe." If I really could go that would be fun--two photographers “flash, flash” the camera while others “splash, splash” the water. :lol: I want to take every droplet of the water so clear like a real photographer can do!  ;)

see u.
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Pool Party

Postby Peter » Tue May 12, 2009 11:51 pm

Just don't get you camera wet and bring your polarizer just in case you need to cut out some reflections. I hope the weather is good. I'll try to finish the board tips by the 13th
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Good advice!

Postby N_AGS_G » Sat May 16, 2009 11:34 pm

Good advice, I guess none of us have waterproof cameras, if we do, we could take whatever we like-- inside and outside of the water. A polarizer, who has one? Does it come with a regular camera or professional camera? Btw, when is the date of that social and time? I have lost track of it. Can someone tell me again? I’ll appreciate it.
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