Banging job opportunity at when you have time!

Nuff said. How's school, everybody?

Banging job opportunity at when you have time!

Postby Ivan » Sat May 08, 2010 11:38 pm

If any of you are accounting majors you need to hit up Ivan Perez right away at I work at USC's main Credit Union (bank) and I am hiring a basic entry level accountant who has taken a few accounting classes minimum. The pay is $15 an was 10 and I made it $15 to help you out...If you are interested in getting into USC and didnt get a letter of acceptance then get at me because my boss has connections and he even told me he can make things happen, so there it is. I need you to start asap ....this week and you will have to meet me at the credit union...we will put you in an office and you will catch us up on our quickbooks and excel work. We need to know who has paid and who hasnt so its very easy. I can do it but I have other responsibilies that come first. I need you to work 4 hours, I will give you 60 without tax and an ICE BLEND COFFEE. If you dont screw up you can do it every week. and you will also recieve letters of recommendation for your work if done correctly. This is a golden opportunity and a Team Alpha Los Angeles job opportunity. Whos me now!!!!
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Re: Banging job opportunity at when you have time

Postby Pwongage » Sun May 09, 2010 10:48 am

Wow...What an opportunity, I wish I had more accounting experience
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