AGS PCC Hours Online Submission Form

ends 06/10/18

Members MUST keep track of their own independent AGS or non-AGS hours. In order to have your information up to date, in the past you’d have to email the student officer in charge regarding hours you earned. The implementation of submitting your hours online is now live - please use the link at the bottom of this page, fill out the form, and you’ll accurately receive your hours that will count towards your notation.

EACH MEMBER of AGSPCC must earn minimum hours during the semester (excluding Summer/Winter) to maintain membership - at least some of these, depending on your status (active or inactive) must be AGS sponsored event volunteer opportunities (i..e, Banquet). PCC sponsored events that are not endorsed by AGS will not count towards your overall hours and independent hours outside of AGS will only be awarded by activities approved by AGS Executive Board. If the event you are doing is not listed on AGSPCC portal or is not announced by the officer(s) of AGS PCC, you will NOT receive credit for your hours. All outside AGS events that you wish to receive hours for, you’d need to submit an official documentation.

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