Article IX: Discipline

  1. Basis of Discipline

    AGS membership may be suspended or revoked for improper conduct.

  2. Valid Cause
    1. Willful or excessive violation of the Alpha Gamma Sigma, Alpha Chapter By-laws;
    2. Willful disregard of decisions made by the executive board or Advisor(s);
    3. Willful disregard of instructions given by the executive board or Advisor(s);
    4. Failure or refusal to disclose necessary information on matters of chapter business;
    5. Unwarranted attacks on any member or refusal to cooperate with a member or Advisor(s);
    6. Misrepresentation of the chapter or any of its officers;
    7. Contributing to the creation of a hostile environment within the chapter;
    8. Disruption of chapter activities;
    9. Violation of PCC's Standards of Student Conduct, as defined in the PCC Catalog;
    10. Violation of PCC's Board Policies or Administrative regulations.
  3. Procedure

    The intention of the following steps at all stages is to seek restoration of the member to a position of accountability.

    1. At the first indication of improper conduct giving rise to offense, the member under question is to be approached directly.
    2. If the member under question does not listen, the individual with charges is to seek reconciliation in the presence of one officer and a chapter Advisor.
    3. If the matter has been established, and if the offending member refuses to listen, the issue can be brought before the chapter membership upon a unanimous vote of the board, for the chapter to seek restoration of the member.
    4. After this stage the board votes by anonymous ballot whether to revoke membership. A 3/5 vote will suffice. In the case of any officer subject to discipline, a vote on membership is a separate decision from a vote to remove from office. Membership termination is immediate and final, until such time that there ever is shown ample demonstration of restoration, for the member offense.
  4. Subjugation of Disciplinary Action

    Proceedings for violation of Student Conduct at the Student Affairs level or higher supersede any actions taken by the Alpha Gamma Sigma chapter.

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