Article VI: Meetings

  1. Planning Meetings
    1. Cabinet members and Advisor(s) meet once a week at a predetermined time.
    2. Planning meetings are open-session meetings, except those times in the agenda when the Chair calls a closed session with only board and Advisor(s), for discussing issues of a more sensitive nature.
    3. No final decisions can be voted or reached without a quorum or an attending Advisor.
    4. Members may be credited with meeting attendance for attending a Planning meeting.
  2. Quorum

    A quorum of a majority of executive board members with at least one Advisor attending is needed to hold a Planning meeting. Without quorum, only an informal meeting can be held for which present members will not receive AGS hours

  3. Parliamentary Authority

    Standard rules of parliamentary procedure will be the guideline in all instances in which they are not inconsistent with the By-laws of Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS), Incorporated.

  4. General Meetings
    1. General meetings commence following Club Week in the semester and are held on Thursdays, at a predetermined time.
    2. At least one Advisor must be present.

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