Article IV: Executive Board

  1. Officers
    1. All board members must have at least one semester of experience in AGS. Board members while in office must be a current member, Active status.
    2. Appointed offices are the following. These positions stipulate pre-requisite knowledge:
      • President
      • Treasurer
      • Publicity Art Director
      • Technology Coordinator
      • Assistant Technology Coordinator
      • Newsletter Editor
    3. Elected offices are positions not needing pre-requisite knowledge and include the following:
      • Internal Vice President
      • External Vice President
      • Recording Secretary
      • Corresponding Secretary
      • Inter-Club Council Representative
      • Fundraising Coordinator
      • Marketing Director
      • Activities Coordinator
    4. The president may nominate appointments to fill a vacant position, as the need arises.
    5. If the presidency becomes vacant the order of succession shall be the following
      • Internal Vice President,
      • External Vice President,
      • Activities Coordinator,
      • Treasurer.
  2. Terms of Office
    1. Officer terms are year long, effective with the Fall 2009 Executive Board. They are to take office in June 30, with the next election to take place at the end of the academic school year.
    2. The number of semesters a member may serve on the executive board is limited to 2 (two) terms. A semester counts as a term in office if starting in office before the ninth week of the semester.
    3. Missing thirty minutes of a Planning meeting or General meeting without prior arrangement is considered an absence. Board members of a semester may decide the rules of enforcement for officer absences.
    4. All board members must attend at least 80% of the planning meetings held during a semester. Unexcused absences are included in establishing the completion of this board qualification. Board members are strongly recommended to attend general meetings as well.
    5. If an officer should fail to qualify for Alpha Gamma Sigma during the term in office, membership is not granted that semester for the officer. The officer at his/her option may continue in office.

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